Dogs in the shower!

I'm here finally! I had so much to do last night I couldn't even get a ten minute break. So as I posted earlier...I gave everyone baths including the TWO dogs and gave my Lhaso Apsa a hair cut! I didn't mention that while giving my Lhaso a trim I BROKE our clippers again! I'm thinking that its about time to get some good dog clippers instead of the cheapos! I used to get Louie cut EVERY six weeks....untillll I quit working. Dern! Poor Louie . . .I remember the first time I tried to cut him "in between cuts" , I felt bad to walk him at the park! He was so ashamed! Yes I say HE. Louie KNEW I jacked him up! I took him to the groomer and she just smiled! I've known her for a long time so its okay if she picks on my pooch. I knew she'd hook him up.

Tips for cutting long haired dogs: {It's okay to listen to my advice now...I've learned} She taught me to cut the hair in between their eyes...the hair where all the eye boogers get stuck and then WALK AWAY!!!! Renee suggested to leave it a good half hour then go back...Make sure before you even attempt to clip your dog that you have an hour (or more) and that the doggie has no tangles!!! Basically start underneath the dog...or in an inconspicuous area.....then work your way around. Or you could just clip the tangles and dingleberries and go on your way....way to the groomer that is before you mess up! No I'm kidding but you will most likely have a few fumbles the first few times! Just leave the majority of the dogs head ALONE!!!

Here is Deuce in the shower...Deuce in the shower..te he

So it took an hour just to clean up the bathroom!!! ~ahhhhh what a way to spend Friday night!
Oh and I sent 50 emails back and forth to Heather about NOTHING! Can I say I need help? yep I can say that! Oh in one of her emails she mentioned that EVERYTHING on her site is shipped free! Hello...FREE SHIPPING From Mom4Life!! I love this site... they have everything!!! Also they have a new blog...they are having a giveaway EVERY FRIDAY!!!! So simple...for all you new moms out there..the giveaway this week is the neatest invention! Super cool idea...GO LOOK!

So today JoAnn (She lives in my neighborhood and is a HUGE dog lover) came by and we "walked" Deuce (better yet he walked us for a while ;-)). She has 5 dogs...yep five and she made a bet with me last week to get Deuce...coo-coo. She basically said she needed Deuce as a good strong (that he IS!) roller blading buddy. I bet her that if she could roller blade with him w/o getting drugg her there and EVERY WHERE that she could have my {BEAUTIFUL} 3-1/2 YO boxer. DEAL! Well we walked him today teaching this old dog some new tricks and after about an hour she pulled out her rollerblades. Wait a minute I didn't know you were gonna WEAR him out first. Most boxers are very hyper dogs...Deuce isn't one of those. He is a great inside dog...I feel bad that he has to stay out as much as he does. But as soon as she pulled out these roller blades I had to run inside to get my way he wouldn't drag her. By the time I got out this is what I saw...

annnnnd then. . . . .

SHE gets an A for effort! (she was falling and smiling!)
I believe I get to keep my DOG THANKS! But I will take her up on one offer...being a motivation for me to get up every morning and walk with him before the kids or Clint wake up. We are late risers need I remind you? I told her she might have to call several times to begin with and threaten to wake everyone up. Nothing will give you motivation like a little threatning of waking up babies! (and the BEAR!)

Speaking of the bear...can someone inform my husband that a hair dryer doesn't constitute as a mothers day gift (mine blew up before M.D.) even though its a greeeeaaat gift ::coughNOTcough:: but can someone tell him for MOTHERS DAY OR OUR Anniversary I would LOVE one of these!! Or /AND (hint hint wink wink....)One of THESE! The perfect picture would be the one of Terri and Mason HERE!! The silly Wagon {dot} com has the necklaces for 50 bucks! The Vintage Pearl bracelets are $75.00...Hello he can easily swing that! No thought just go HERE and click add to wagon!! I tried dropping hints and ::Ahem:: Ohh look how purdy..(LOL) I should just buy it and wrap it up and give it too myself. If anyone wants his email...let me know! :-D

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  • Sheena said...

    Ooo you cut your dog's hair! What technique do you use? I desperately need to learn how to cut my dog's hair on my own to save money that I spend at the groomer when he gets shaggy.