I'm sorry if I have been a little unattached to all my blogging buddies! I typically love reading "ya'lls" blogs and reading new blogs. But the past few dasy I have been UBBER busy!! really really! I think I'm a good commentor but ...I"M SLACKING!! SORRY! {MAYBE its because I've been so faithful to "SOME" of my bloggin friends that WON"T ADD me to theri blog roll!, I"m not cool enough!POO} L O L

Okay to the contests...THAT I NEVER WIN!!!!! lol

1. Adventures in Babywearing is having one right now. She is giving away a $75.00 gift certificate to Chittypulga, a children's boutique & magazine on the web today. You have until 9pm on Friday to sign up. Good Luck!!!

2. MUMS THE WORD is have a ROCKIN giveaway from
Betty & Dean. She will choose TWO winners and the prizes are shown on her blog.... Just leave a comment w/ your favorite saying or quote. The winners will be picked on Tuesday, August 7th at 10PM. Its still not to late to try and win the Antiqued Tattoo Blanket from Saari Design!!

3. Crunchy Domestic Goddess is celebrating the grand opening of her new CafePress store Cute As A Bug, She is giving away one t-shirt from the store. (there are currently 25 to choose from! go take a look to find your favorite), style and size!

4. Gymboree is offering two of Love Shak, Baby's readers each a $250 Gift Card to be used at the Gymboree store or Gymboree online.
Check out Love Shak, Baby for all the details ~ You need to know what kind of comment to leave on the giveaway post to be entered!

5. 5 Minutes for Mom have an Insignia® 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV from Best Buy, to give to one very lucky person!!Go to 5 Minutes for Mom to see what you have to do to enter this fantastic giveaway! Also sign up for one of their Babeebrite three lights from Mommy Bee Happy.

6. The Domestic Diva is giving away a One Time Use Digital Video Camcorder
Let me go LOOK around to see if I can find any more for ya!

7. Renee over at When 2 became 3 is having her very first giveaway!! From for a CUTE 100% cotton grocery tote! I have to get my picture up of me doing something green...but wait doesn't THIS (cloth diapering) count? OR what about me HAND washing dishes? OR what about my compost ben? or...or ...:-D te he!!

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  • Stam House said...

    Thanks for entering, very cute pic, her expresion is priceless and yes is does count, cloth are very green!
    Good luck!

  • DOMESTIC DIVA said...

    oops your a little late on posting the contest, I just drew the winner. Oh well, you'll get in on the next one I'm sure.

    BTW, since I don't do a blogroll, I just recently installed a plugboard on my site and wanted to know if you wanted to go submit your button. It needs to be 88x31. Your button will be in the sidebar until it gets pushed off by other submits.

    That is whenever you get time. Don't worry we aren't mad at you for not commenting we all understand how busy life can be. I just took a 2 day vaca from my blog since I've been celebrating birthdays! Did you make me a cake? I demand cake! Just kidding. This is the first year I've been able to drink on my birthday, since I've been preggo all the other times so I'm living it up like a college student this week...LOL. If you talk to Drea wish her a happy birthday for me. I know hers is a couple days after mine.

    Ok I think I'm rambling and I haven't even had a drink today and It is technically my birthday...hee hee.

  • Tasha said...

    I feel like I never win anything either, but they're still fun to enter huh?!!!!!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    I was wondering where you had been... hehe. I'm not even on your blogroll! :( That pic of Terri in the above post is amazing. you sure do make beautiful babies!

  • Wendy said...

    LOL! I just noticed that you are not on my blog roll:) Sorry! BUT, I do have your big ol' button!!