and Terri ate. . . .

Okay so I'm working today and Clint just stopped by and gave me a full update on Terris dietary menu today.....

{Terri woke us as I was about to leave this morning so I went ahead and changed her diaper and handed her off to daddy. HE loves it when he has alone time with the kids and I'm not around b/c he gets all that special undivided attention. But before Nanna could come over Clint already started breakfast which consisted of....}


Piece of (Clints) cheese, the fake american sliced stuff.
A snack pack of vanilla pudding (Masons')
Bowl of oatmeal....not the good stuff the extra sugared up box kind.

{Clint then came home to wash his truck (YES in the middle of the day: Benefit of being a bossman) and fed Terri her luch which consisted of. . . .}


ANOTHER piece of that nasty sliced pre-packaged stop you up cheese
CANNED spegatti and meatballs

SO your getting a picture of my baby girl straining for dear life tonight trying to squeeze out that sugared up poop. Whats up not one veggies, no fruit, no REAL dairy?


Okay so Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing is having a giveaway for $25.00 at Mom4Life~!!! I love Mom4Life! The site has absoutely every thing!!!!!! I really need a large wet I'm hoping for a win on this one! Cross your fingers!

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