Lil Sugarplum Contest winner...

So to be fair I had Mason (looking ohh so cute in his way too big spiderman pants) sit not so calmly on the couch and pick the winner.

How can ya'll not trust that face?!?!?

And the WINNER isssss. . . . .(watch the montage!!!)

Ohha and I want to say special thank you to Brett Gardner at one True Media. Brett sent me an email the other day thanking me for my LOVELY use of One True Media. You all really should go and take advantage of their technology. If I can do it anyone can. (Well most anyone...I won't say any names ;-D) I've used other slideshows like and rockyou and they don't have as many features and (I think it's rock you) the pictures are always blurry.

Congratulations Kelley Rees!!!!

I'll post for the rest of you which clip she won her choices were. . .
The Lil' ButterFly Hairclip, The Lil' Star Babies Hairclip (notice Terri on the bottom of the page?), and the The Periwinkles Hairclip. ALL GREAT CHOICES!!! (May I also say that Kelley had a great presentation on her blog of the contest! It didn't effect her winning but you go girl!)

Terri is also on THIS page. My little pudge pot! Thank you again Monique for SPONSORING this contest.

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