No beach!

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No beach trip!

Clint wasn't pleased that I was going to be so busy this up and coming week so we he decided that we (me and the kids) shouldn't go to the beach. wahhhh that sucks! Well I guess he's rightr I would be so worried about planning the party and the extra company in the house that I wouldn't be able to have a good time. I called my grandmother to kinda tell her and she said it for me. She said "John (my big brother) is coming next weekend so your going to cut your beach trip short? Well it's stupid to just come from Monday to Thursday...just come in two weeks when everything calms down" What a smart Maw-Maw. I felt like I'd be letting them down. I know she's already been shopping and washed all the sheets and I hate to just leave her hanging but .... I'm glad she said it and I didn't have to say "Clint said we should wait". Now Clint will think I called it off b/c he said and he will be SOOO happy that I listened to him (for once)shhhh don't tell we'll let him think he's the MAN (which he is of course)

CRUD!! I wanted to have a nice tan for the party...ya'll've (I typed that then deleted it b/c I know it isn't correct grammar but I have used it before in my speech so what the hey?) sorry distracted...You all have (better?) seen my pasty pale self wondering around this blog right? Yep! So I have to do some outside stuff this week.

The contest will be drawn by 8 o'clock TONIGHT! eastern time! so come on back now ya hear!?!?

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  • The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

    there is no way that you're pastier than me! I hide from the sun! And the worst part is, I'm half Mexican, so you'd think I'd get some color!! haha

    Well, sorry that your trip is postponed, but at least you still get to go later!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    awww! bummer!!!! :(

  • mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

    Pasty is the understatement of the year! I HID all year last year b/c of the SUMMER pregnancy with T baby!! Your preggers your allowed hate the sun...or anything else that at that time can make you uncomfortable!