Okay to all of you that read my blog(and never comment~ya'll are coming out of NO WHERE!!!) I really should post my hits for the last two weeks. It's crazy! I've doubled in it!!

ANYWAYS I just wanted to let you all know that I am taking note of EVERYONES choices and I WILL pick a winner tomorrow!!! The owner of Lil Sugarplum is out of town but will return and mail out the winners clip on TUESDAY (maybe Wednesday) And yes even if you do not have a blog and you are just a reader you are still eligible. I am trying to go back to everyone of my fellow bloggers pages and leave a comment to let you all know that I'm aware of your choices ....but I'M SO BUSY THIS WEEK. . . .


I just sent Wendy an email and in it I described my up and coming week then I realized that I should share it with EVERYONE!! So here goes. . . .

My older brother and his wife (fiance~but they have been together for ...common law?lol to be wed on 7-7-o7!!BECAUSE "he PECIAL!!!")called me today to CONFIRM they were staying here next weekend and were so excited about the party...excuse me? what party? Terris! uhhh no not next weekend but the NEXT!

CRAP!!!! ::smacks forehead::

They both work in the hospital so they have to give a BIG advance notice to be off at the same time so unfortunately Terris birthday has to be bumped up to next weekend so I have to get crackin!!!! BIG TIME!!!!

Well I'm off to finish up my cleaning detail and pack...ohh yeah did I mention that I have been planning a beach trip to my grandparents and I'm leaving on MONDAY? YEAH! I'm already tired!!

My schedule is as follows:

Thursday (Today): Clints birthday
Friday (tomorrow): Cook out for husband birthday
Saturday: Try to have my dad over for fathers day
Sunday: Its my turn for the nursery during Sunday school, Church then...
Monday-Thursday: Hopefully try to enjoy myself and the kids at the beach.
{BTW the trip is 6 HOURS LONG!!!}
Friday: Drive back to Charlotte-greet brother, SIN, and nieces (1YO&7YO)
Saturday: Terri Jades FIRST birthday (party)

So are tired for me yet? yep!

I haven't bought the first thing...for ANY of the cooking I'm going to be doing. I haven't ordered a cake...NOTHING! I DO have my dads fathers day gift and Clints. (yes they are both getting the same thing~picture frames with 4 of the pictures that Andrea took)

Can ya'll say CAR SEAT for a birthday present?

DONT forget about the contests at adventuresinbabywearing and Pinks and blues. Go go go!!! Wait go but don't sign up b/c then you are lessening my chances!LOL!! kidding!!!

Sorry for the TINY writing with this new template everything seems so SQUISHED!!

But I it! Don't YOU?

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  • PinksandBluesGirls said...

    Wow, you definitely have your hands full in the coming days! And you sound just like me... wait until the last minute to get everything done! Haha! Good luck with everything and HAVE FUN!