Mama LOVEs Giveaways!!

So I am a fan of Contests and I had to mention one that Pinks and Blues is having.

Its their
Hanes Kids Back To School Giveaway, that TEN different people have the opportunity to win!!! It includes. . . .

1) Hanes Tagless Spot-Print Puff-Sleeve Girls’ T-Shirt - Retails at $8.00

2) Hanes French Terry Girls’ Scooter - Retails at $8.00

3) Hanes Stretch Cotton Jersey Cropped Girls’ Leggings - Retails at $6.00

4) Hanes Royalty Spot-Print Zippered Girls’ Hoodie - Retails at $6.00

5) Hanes Girls’ Cotton-Stretch Bikini Panties (pkg of 3) with ComfortSoft waistband - Retails at $6.00

6) Hanes Girls’ Tagless Hipster Panties (pkg of 3) with ComfortSoft waistband - Retails at $6.00

7) Hanes Tagless ComfortSoft Crewneck Boys’ T-Shirt (pkg of 3) - Retails at $8.00

8 ) Hanes Tagless Cotton-Rich Fleece Boys’ Zip Hooded Jacket - Retails at $10.00

9) Hanes Classics Tartan Boys’ Boxers with ComfortSoft waistband (pkg of 2) - Retails at $11.00

10) Hanes Tagless ComfortSoft waistband and Knit Boys’ Boxer Briefs (pkg of 2) - Retails at $11.00

11) Hanes Classics Tagless Dyed Boys’ Boxer Briefs with ComfortSoft Waistband (pkg of 2) - Retails at $10.00

*To be one of the 10 winners of this Hanes Kids Back To School Giveaway, mention this contest (with a link back to Mama Loves Giveaways!) on your blog. Then leave them a comment to let them know you’ve entered!

Contest ends Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 5 PM EDT*

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