I love chicken wings!

I am SUCH a Carolina girl! My husband came home with HOT chicken wings at 11:30 and I believe I might have to wash my face again!


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  • Jessie said...

    Girl, I love some chicken wings myself! We are training Piper right too b/c she will polish off 3 or 4 herself! Try the Tyson Tequila Lime chicken wings- baked or deep fried let me just say YUM!! We get a big ole bag from BJ's when we do our monthly warehouse store shopping excursion - got to love buying in bulk :) Have a great weekend Elizabeth!

  • Stam House said...

    Love them too!!! I love the new pic of your lovely princess in the side bar, and Mason Well, seams to be a tad bit extravert LOL

  • Aurelia said...

    LOL Did you use the blue cheese dressing with them? I can usually polish off about 13 of them with no problem :) Yummy