ECing & contests of the week.

Drea did a post the other day on ECing. I love it. I was supposed to get her a picture of Terri potting to go with her post. (I am too late as usual) BUT I did manage to capture Terri making number 2 today!! LOOK at that smile. :-D I can proudly say that I have only changed a poopey diaper 3x in two months!! (typically after nap)

*A few contests that are going on right now are this contest given by Steph @ Adventures in Babywearing and Protect-A-Bed. I was reading about all the stuff that causes allergies and asthma. I don't suggest googling dust mites- and then looking at the pictures. EWW! I would love to have mattress covers for all the beds in our house. I do have one on Terris crib. But I am need of a new one. It is OLD. Well 5 years old. I got it right before Mason was born. EWW think about all the mites on that. ::gag:: well at least I bleach it. SO STEPH sign me up! ;-)

*ANOTHER contest is for
Hug a Bug Baby gauze wrap given away by DREA at DE Reviews. I can't win b u t YOU can! Go sign up!

*Pinks & BOOs Halloween GIVEAWAY~for a Dooney & Bourke, a BLACK CAT INN metal bucket, Victoria’s Secret panties, and Masons favorite Toostie POPS!!!

*Crunchy Domestic Goddess is giving away some (THINK GREEN) Reusable Bags! The Workhorse Style 1500 and the Lightweight Recycled Cotton Tote with Dual Handles, both made by ACME Bags. COOL!

*The Domestic Diva is giving away 2 Disney Princess Enchanted Tales - Follow Your DreamsHERE! I would have to be Princess Jasmine! She gets to have a PET TIGER! HEllooooo how rockin is that? Plus she gets to ride a horse and she doesn't have to be as prim and proper as Sleeping Beauty! B U T Sleeping Beauty does have those cute little extra fluffy fairy god mothers(weren't they fairy god mothers?). So tell me (or HEATHER) which one you would be.

Ohh I am SO getting this for MASON Terri Jade!!!
DVD. All you have to do is blog about which princess you would be and why and link back to the contest

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