Library reading time

This is gonna be a long one....consider your self warned. I'll switch to a smaller font so you don't feel like it's just dragging along...ohh ohh and I'll even change the font color to keep it interesting!!! (and I'll abbrev. some stuff too :-D)
Okay where to begin? Oh and Mason is on a playdate w/ Nic Nic. Terri is in the bed (she laid down for a nap~what? I can't help she was tired b4 her bedtime...just let me worry about that...k!)

Terri didn't wake up till 10:30 this morning and if your like me...then thats fine. Clint was soooo concerned and demanded that I call her pediatrician immediately. First off if you have a baby or have had one you know that they go through "growth spurts" and they tend to sleep thru these...if this is true IDK...but I do know that all children (and adults) have times were they want or need more sleep. Plus she wasn't feeling well for the past few days. So I get up....yes I was still in the bed...ahhh haaaa!! Mason was in his room trying to open his beady beeds (eyes) and I took advantage. {I didn't get to bed till 2 am w/ a SICK migraine!}
So I get to the pediatrician and she tells me the same thing that I told my hubby....she is getting over a cold and she is just a little extra tired. My ped. asked . . ."Does your hubby not want extra sleep every once in a while?. . .tell him to leave that baby alone, you
know what your doing!"(she laughed!)

So one the way home from the dr. I stopped by the library. Mason is in this summer reading program where the kiddos have to read a certain amount of time (according to age group) and then at the 1/2 way and again at the end of there time they get a prize. Hey just for signing up they get a free desert at the Local Bob Evans. (this is a good incentive to actually go to B.E.)
ANd while we were @ the Lib. I dropped my camera ...crud crud crud!! I hope Clint doesn't notice the new click.....eeek! I'm glad he doesn't read my blog!

Mason is such a great big brother!!! Look at him reading to her...sorry I don't think Terri Jade {a.k.a.lil hoochie momma} has quite grasped the concept of sitting "lady like"! Nor has she grasped that we read books not hide behind them...Mason then pissed the librarian (they have all been there forever she is just really really really odd...very "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ish you know the one that is always like quiet quiet!!) off by banging on the plastic to get mew attention. What? I thought it was hilarious!

Notice the new cute pink SOLARVEIL???? huh? huh? did you? Well I also got a package today....from Jude the owner of Mamma Milk. Y A Y !!!! I love mail...except for bills!!! I will be doing a post on my mammas milk story in a day or to have pictures or I can't review it duhhh!!! But I add this she is a very kind woman and I am so thankful I got to chat back and forth with her....she definitely is aimed to please!!!!
okay next. . .sorry let me add was like Christmas!!!! I love Jude I love Jude! Sorry I had to do a little cheer for Jude (ith~lol). The after we get home and the kids get fed and laid down (or in Masons case . . .nap time is just an hour of quiet time...or alone time...w/ or w/o t/v/ his choice) I get a little computer time...check emails, look at a few blogs or start on my own. So I read that the Flip Flop Mom nominated me as a rockin blogger chick...YAY!!!!!

My first nomination!! She wrote "WHAT a super de duper fun loving BLOG this is... I don't know how I found her.. but I adore what she writes.. she is REAL.. She is HONEST.. one of the two best qualities a person can have!!! She loves up on her kids.. and shares the joys of her little ones moments.. my little ones are much bigger.. so I LOVE peeking into her southern world.. and seeing little ones again.. I blessed that she share them with us.. and I'm sure you would feel the same!!" How sweet is she? If she only knew....MWAAHHH HA HA HA HA!! Don't get her confused with the
FlipFlop Momma.

(Who is also in my blog roll) So I love to be nominated for stuff so ::@hem:: ya know if you want to nominate like the most rockiness mom with the worst punctuation...I'll be a candidate!! Speaking of Flip Flop Momma she is having her first official give away!! Kudos!! I'm sure she is super stoaked!! She is giving away a Winnie the Pooh DVD...I would love to have that. I haven't seen Winnie the Pooh in ...days...LOL Oh you thought I wanted it for the kids? ahhh ha ha...of course I do...not! No I'm so one of those moms that watches movies with the kids. OUr 52" LCD (ohh I felt so cool saying that) is only used for cartoons how funny is that? I know I know...oh and the occasional DVR G.H.!!!! (die hard fan!)
Okay Okay I'm wrapping up...but I do want to say that 2 months ago my blog had only like 17 views of my profile and today I just happened to notice that I hit the 1000 mark! Congrats to me! I just downloaded (dont' tell CLint~~~ he thinks that more than 100 pictures will crash our computer...we've got a few hundred!)a new picture editing called Gimp so I'll let you know how long it takes to figure it out! I'm on my way to digital scrapbooking!
Oh and Blueberry Diapers (they are beautiful but pricey) are having a new promotion going on.
For the rest of the month of July, they are offering a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE promotion on any item from our store (except inserts and doublers). Choose any 2 items and get a third one FREE. You can get a One Size Minky, a diaper cover, and get a Wet Bag free! Or get any 2 pocket diapers, and get a third one free. Valid until July 31, 2007 or while supplies last.
Oh and one last note...I hate word if you don't get a thousand spam hits a day us all a favor and take it off! PLEASE! I type supper fast now but I still look at y hand so I suck at coping stuff! :-D

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  • Wendy said...

    word verification drives me batty also! I always mess it up! LOL!! Congrats on your nomination!! You really do rock:)

    Love the library pictures! I think that our librarian is louder than the kids! I guess that's good!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    you are hilarious. love the spread-eagle pose from terri... so ladylike :)

  • Amber said...

    i'm with you on word verification....ARGH! So annoying!

  • Drea said...

    awe love the sling... i logged into your photo bucket to see them FULL SIZE! MUUHAHAHAHAHHA! I like the one of you in the bathroom turned 2 the side ;-)

    Ow and your blog is sorta messed up, the post is way way down below everything... i think it has to do w/ the photos beside each other? not sure.

    My mom told me she saw you today :-D
    call me, I was on 2nite waiting for u. ill be up early tomorrow, need to make a walmart run for ingredients and stuff for thursdays trip. Wanna go?

  • pinks & blues girls said...

    Wow, that was definitely a long post! I loved the rainbow of colors, though! :)

    I hate word verification, too. So if you ever put it up on your blog, I am going to be the first to yell at you! ;)

    Jane, P&B Girls

    PS You're added to our sidebar!!

  • Kell Rees said...

    At least you can get terri to sit still ong enough for you to get that picture. Thats one to show her in about 15 years when her boyfriend is over!!

    Hey you'll have to check out my blog when you get a chance, hailey took her 1st steps!!!

  • Pinks & Blues Girls said...

    OMG! Word verification - don't get me started!!

    Love your post... how cool that Mason is in a summer reading program...

    Love your photos too!! You have the cutest family!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  • Mama Zen said...

    What gorgeous, gorgeous kids!

    I totally hate word verification, too. Half the time, I can't read it!

    Congratulations on your nomination!

  • Stacey said...

    I think you should start a word verification rebellion of sorts---I'll be glad to sign the official document, lol

    Enjoyed your post, thanks for coming over to 'my place'!

  • Anonymous said...

    Thanks for playing along!!! Hope you win!!! And congrats on your Rockin' nominee!!! I think you rock too!

  • FlipFlop Mom said...

    HOOOCHIE MAMA!!! LOL LOL LOL.. Oh goodness gracious alive girl... that is hilarious!!!!!! Yup you ROCK... I love your stories.. your kids are gorgeous!! and I am right there along with you with the WORST punctuation girl.... that's what I LOVE (dots)........ and !!!!!!!!!!! I can understand that!!!