Free Cloth diaper? hmmmm . . .

As many of you know I use cloth diapers. I only own BumGenius thus far (10)... I'm hoping to try some "Pocket Change Diapers" from Montana's Diaper Store. I bought my Bumgenius through a SECONDS sale. Montana is having a second sale going on right now. By seconds sale It just means there is a slight stitching flaw. . .or vanity type flaw. Nothing that would affect the actual diapers performance. Its mostly just a "looks" issue. :-) Which doesn't bother me at all! Each diaper is $11.00 which is really inexpensive for nice Cloth Diapers.

I own some prefolds and I hope to get a few covers. I still can't CONvince Clint to buy any so I have to scrimp up some $$$ however I can!

But I've heard great things about the pocket change. The best thing is they don't have to have the liners pulled out after being pee'd or pooped in. :-) I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!!!!!! They have openings on both ends.. so the liners come out on their own.

Plus Plus Plus . . .they have more than just pink or yellow (which is the only drawback of the bumgenius!)

Montana's Diaper Store and The Natural Baby Co. are offering a really neat promo right now to all you Mama's OR Daddy's interested in these diapers.

Heres what you do... you basically just have to blog about these diapers (even if you don't have any experience with them. You can actually link back to my site if you want to share with others a person who does own them...) And then link your readers to Montana's Diaper store AND The Natural baby Company. Then you just need to email the company with the direct link to the blog entry... and they will ship you a FREE DIAPER!

Sound pretty easy?... I think so!

If you do this don't do it just to get something free. Do it because you are seriously interested in cloth diapering... Please don't take advantage of the nice people that are doing this. I actually spoke to the owner today and she is pregnant and overwhelmed (or at least I would be!) unloading boxes of diapers! I feel for her having to do this in this kind of heat. (I hope I'm not being to personal) But I feel for all preggers every where! Especially those that have to go thru the summer months!!!

The folks from this company are being very sweet to offer this. It would be terrible for people to take advantage of their giving spirit.

Ohhh I'm posting in this color b/c I want Plum Blossom diaper or the BERRY! (which is more of a hot pink)

I really want more color options for my lil girl to POOP on!!!! What? Just b/c your taking a poop or a pee doesn't mean you can't color coordinate!!!

Don't for get about the contest at Pinks and Blues for the Dooney and Burke!!

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