As I pursued my naptime blogging today I went to Stephs blog and read about this new Blog Rush thing that she had just signed up for. The idea is that it will produce more blog hits. It is really no hassle, just go sign up HERE and it takes all of five minutes (or less if your smarter than me!)

I also wanted to add...IF you know someone or you yourself need a wool soaker, let me know I have two new ones for sale. They are Aristocrats size small. They fit 7-20 lbs. Terri still uses the other 2 I have and she is MORE than 20lbs. She weighed 23lbs 2 months ago. I just want to sell these to get some longies! (Like Jessie got for her PiPer) TOO CUTE!

email me at MooreMommy@gmail{dot}com if interested.


FYI....a Wool Soaker is a cover. I use basic "old school" prefolds and a SNAPPI and then cover it with a soaker. The WOOL does NOT NOT NOT leak! I SWEAR! I will only use wool at night! I do not use my BumGenius, Pocket Change or Bumkins...JUST wool at night! and when we are at home!!! The prefold/wool combo has stretched my diaper washing to just once a week. PLUS . . .you only have to hand wash the wool every couple weeks (2 or 3 depending) or if it gets poo on it.

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  • FlipFlop Mom said...

    Ok deary.. what's a wool soaker???? I know I don't need one.. but curious minds want to know!! LOL LOL

  • Drea said...

    these are really nice soakers. i used one of them on burger. amazing how they work!

  • Stacey said...

    I haven't tried wool soakers. I'm kind of nervous too, since I have sensitive skin and wool makes me itchy.

    Hey, since you love contests so much, you should check out my very first giveaway! I'M SO EXCITED!

  • Stam House said...

    I know someone who would need it ( she is pregger and I would ike to by it for her)