Ahhhh the joys of cloth diapering

Clint decided last night that he wanted to go out to eat . . . .last minute! I'm talking taking a shower at 9:OO and him saying "lets go out". Now for the normal person (without kids) this would be fine. Now on the other hand when you've got two kids this kind of thing typically needs to be planned!
So I tell him as nicely as I can that "I'm gonna need a few minutes". For the first time in I don't know how long my husband says "thats fine, take your time"....what? really? Are you sure?
Most of the time when Clint says he's hungry it is sort of a (I'm only seeing a bull race/fight in my mind) rush. I have to literately jump in some clothes, grab a kid or two under my arms and a diaper in my teeth and RUN to the car. Are you visualizing THIS hungry? Yea you'd be rushing too!

So I get all purdied up and out the door we go...if your wondering....yes we had to wake Terri Jade up. (Mason was at his paw paws!~that boy loves his paw paw . . .I need to do a post about their special bond! ::mental note::) Terri as soon as she got up was a lil SOON as she saw her car seat(her new big girl car seat) she leaped! NO lie she jumps for it.

We get to the restaurant (O'charleys...yum) and she is "talking" to everyone...cocking her little head back and cheezin (note to self: Have to "capture" this new pose of her for my blog readers)
she is truly in the best mood...considering she didn't feel good all day yesterday. (Yes Wendy Motrin is the BOMB!) SHe is chowing down on some bread, while order. She is making her little "ooooowe oooowe " noise to get our attention for some tea. (I have to almost physically restrain Clint.) Then he asks the waitress for a "kids SPRITE" "WHat? Have you lost your mind?" This is the second or third time my husband has ordered a SPRITE for our (now) 1YO!!!!!Then I changed his order to a water....moron! HE looks at me with the face like..."you think your the greatest mom and I'm a moron don't you". . . .actually. . .te he!! He said "you've ordered her sprite before" "excuse me...I don't know who you've been "out" with with our daughter but I've never!!!" (I have given her sips before....)

But before our waitress brings the water..."err errrr " I look at him, he looks at her...she looks at me...I grab her.... "Clint says let poop, she wants to do it here" While I'm running to the bathroom I am yelling back "I don't care what she wants" I know people were thinking I was a nut case...but I knew in the back of my head that I had a diaper bag with the possibility of no wipes, and her last poop yesterday was almost water. {For those of you that don't know I'm ECing/ infant potty training...I haven't had to change a poopey ...maybe 3x in three weeks!!!} So I get to the bathroom, drop her pants in time to see IT...MAN! I'm too late...and yes it was diarrhea and I had no diaper bag and nooooo wipes. I had to stand her up and try to wipe her butt...while not getting poo all over me...AHHHHH! Women listen and visualize this...your hubby do this while your in the restaurant without a care in the world stuffing your face! I went to the car and did what I had to do.....did I mention that in order to get her to the car....I had to take the liner out of the diaper and lay it on the poo to put it back on her to get her to the car. EWWW!

Today . . . .Clint and myself were making the bed (yes he was helping me~~awe~~)
we heard the "aaaa aaaaaa oouieee oouuie!!" by the time Clint got in there I heard him scream....yes scream...."BABE GET IN HERE NOW . . ." I walked toward her room to be knocked over by the stench of poo lingering down the hall. Terri was standing up butt naked with a crib that looked as if she had wollered around in poop! Yes in the south wollered is a word! It was awful!! She had it on her crib...hands hair...everywhere. I took her Clint took the crib. I had her in the tub and most of the fragments of poop rinsed down the drain then I yelled "SWITCH" I don't think I had stood up by the time Clint was in the bathroom. It was sooo gross! I mean really really really gross! She was just as happy as she could be..."like ha ha that was fun"

Ahh the benefits of cloth throwing away them nasty diarrhea diapers. Ohh and I'll confess I switched to disposable today!

You know the only thing to make me feel better right cream and contests! Adventures in Baby wearing is giving away a Podonbutai (its a combination of a Korean Podegai, Japanese Onbuhimo, and the Asian Mei Tai.
) from All Natural Babies in the fabric of your choice. How cool is that?

I also signed up for a tooth fairy pillow at Mums the Word
oh andf a rocking t shirt...if only they had a Janis Joplin shirt. Terri can kick her foot in perfect harmony to "Piece of my heart" . . .I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm such an inner rockstar!!!!)

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  • Anonymous said...

    What are moms without poop stories?? LOL. Sounds crazy! I don't think I would have the patience for the ecing go girl!

  • Wendy said...

    EWWWW!!! Thank goodness we haven't had any of those poop emergencies yet!! *knock on wood* You are one patient Mommy!!!

  • DOMESTIC DIVA said...

    OH. MY. GAWD. I'm rollin!

    That was hilarious. Good post. Thanx for the laugh.

  • Andrea said...

    Okay...I am KILLING myself laughing! Even though I would be SOOOO grossed out if that happened to us! :) I guess you survived...but still....UGGGGHHH! And still...I seriously can't stop laughing...maybe I need more sleep or something....hahaha

  • Andrea said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Qtpies7 said...

    LOL, we all have those lovely stories! I had one child who ENJOYED playing in her poo and painted her crib with it ever single day. Every Day. No matter what we did, she'd still play in it every single day.
    I am trying a little bit of EC and Sam, who is 8 months old, has pooped and peed in the potty many times! But its a lot of work!
    I love my cloth diapers!

  • Drea said...


    Oh and I was the blonde pin up.. hmm.. thats odd!

  • Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

    Oh the poopie stories! I think all us mama's have them - but not sure we WANT them! :)

    Good luck with entering the contest!