Life Made Easier - A Review

I KNOW I'm not the only one...always looking for those "great products" that make our lives easier. AM I? Didn't think so. I have to say that one thing that LIVES with me at all times is my Mammas Milk Wipe Pack.

*Do NOT click to enlarge* (awful picture)

I love the sleekness of the wipe pack. It is especially GREAT while babywearing. I don't have to tote a huge diaper bag. I put my wipe pack and cloth diaper in a clean wet bag and stuff it in my sling or Mei Tai!!!!

Besides the fact that it is SOOOOO PRETTY...it REALLY does hold in the moisture! I loved it so much I got Andrea one for her birthday. I left the same wipes in there for two whole weeks and. . .they felt like they came straight from the store! LOVE IT! Highly suggest it! This is NOT one of those "for cloth diapering momma" things, everyone can enjoy a beautiful new wipe pack!

I will say this though, I DID get a package last week that contained my new CLOTH wipes! So I am converting!

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  • Jessie said...

    Looks really nice, I am always on the lookout for goodies like this. We use wet wipes when out and about and save the cloth for at home. Wet wipes are so great for dirty little hands before eating too - I can't totally live without them.

    I FINALLY did my Face Behind the Blog - sorry it took so long mama! Since I am still so new at this blogging world I will have to decide who to tag :)

  • Wendy said...

    well...once again I can not see the picture and everyone else can. That is soooo strange! Well, it sounds nice:)