First Poo

I got my BumGenius yesterday, and Like most women I rushed to do my prewashing!! Well this morning I was so excited to use them. Terri by noon had "used" her first one. A short while after lunch she crawled to my feet and "err errr eeeeeeeerrrr" I know what that meant. . .I picked her up and R A N her to the bathroom. {Yes to the potty!} She has already "used the potty" a few times. Well as I sat with her it only took a second and *plooop* (she went) YAY she didn't waste this pretty pink diaper. LOL I would be this excited about her not wasting a pampers also. I mean any chance to not waste a diaper is GREAT! so laaa-dy laa I'm moving about the house and doing my regular routine (chaos cleaning~always) and *sniff sniff* what do I smell? OHH NO I hope the dog farted!!!



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  • Anonymous said...

    Oh my gosh, she's 10 1/2 months old and going on the potty? Luck you! I'm not sure when that will happen for us. We're trying to "put" the idea into Hailey's head. She's going on 19 mos. now.

    Thanks for visiting my site! =)

  • thekirnancrib said...

    you are too funny!

  • Drea said...

    awe how cool ;-) u need one of the pottys i got. its the coolest. Taite yesterday I knew he had to poop... so since I had no toilet and the toilet on the farm is dirty... yea. its a farm toilet it cant be but so clean.. I just opened up his diaper and POOF poop.. squeeze right into the open diaper HAHA. My niece was like "WHOA!! was that him!!!" haha. It was much easier cleaning freshly squeeze poo onto an open diaper than smashed poo all over his butt in a closed diaper..

    Ok this comment was way graphic. Im checking ur blog at my father in laws on dial up... it seriously takes forever! see u should feel so special that i took the time to load this!!! take a pic of terri in her pink diaper, k?