Go METS!!!

Masons' last T-Ball game of the season was was a good game they played Our Lady of Assumption. Man those were some big kids on that team! One of them hit a line drive straight into the coaches FACE!! Ohh yes this is t-ball but half way through the season some of the coaches do a little coach pitching.

After the game we all got together for a party at the park and handed out trophies and cake (after lunch :-D) Then of course we played for a while! This is kinda bitter sweet for me. I mean Mason had a great season...and a few rocky days.

But I"m sad it's over with (for this year that is.)

There were some good lessons learned this year. Plus he got a chance for all eyes to be on him and not well. . . ya know . . .sissy! He learned that he could in fact get dressed all by himself (that wasn't a good day) He learned that just b/c he batted last didn't mean that he wasn't just as important as the first batter. He met new friends. He got a trophy which I must add is really cool!!! It is a glove and the coach ordered balls to go inside with bee's on them. (They were the bees by the way) But now I have no more emails being sent to me from twelve different parents wanting to know this or that. No more practices to be late for and no more wondering what these kids were really talking about on the bleachers. PATTY WHAT DID COLLIN JUST SAY??? LOL (it was a conversation about "gay" between two 5/6 year olds!?!?) I mean yeah Mason and a few of the other kids did alot of sand playing or as we like to say "dead bug watching". But they had fun!!! AWWWW!!! My little Toe Twiddling. . .Banjo Playing. . .Gl0ve Hat having little ball players. LOVE EM!!

ohh banjo playing is what Collin (a second yr. baller and a coaches son) taught the team this year. . .it is where you pull the string out of your pants and put it in your mouth and well . . .play the banjo. OHHH you have to be out in the field to do this!!~L~O~L~ That is a skill you cannot DO in the infield. W...A...I...T. . .where was his glove while he was doing that? hmmm? idk. Ohh and a glove hat is simply what it sounds like...putting your baseball glove on your head and wearing it like a hat. This is a ART that Mason has perfected!!!

I would like to end with a BIG thank you to all our family and friends that came to watch Mason this season! YOu all know who you are! Tisses!!

Go Bees!!!!!!

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  • Kell Rees said...

    I bet your little boy loves playing ball. My son is 4 and has asked me every week when tee-ball is going to start.
    Cute slideshow!