Throwback Thursday . . .

So I guess I have to type a defense to SOMEONES throwback Thursday. :-D In high school I was NOT the mean girl. I went to school and was just there! I made pretty good grades for someone that never had homework. (I always managed to gets A's on test and NEVER do HW!! ~or someone would do it for me)

Throughout high school I dated an older guy (much older) so I never hung out with my classmates outside of school. With the exception of maybe two or three girls. I was voted most outgoing for our senior class but yet I really didn't like that many people. I was one of those girls that would make fun of those people who thought they were cool or better than everyone else. I never picked on the "nerds" (why would I? They were doing my homework.) I hope people weren't afraid of me, maybe they were who knows? I did get into a couple fights in HS and I can only tell you what one of them was over. I think that stems from me being raised by my dad who was disabled and me always being defensive. Never having alot of money growing up (growing up "poor" and country) makes for a VERY defensive teenager! Andrea said that I was always so trendy . . .? Ohhh kay . . .I REALLy wasn't concerned with the latest trends. I had an after school job so I HAD to buy my own stuff . . .Clint and me were talking about Andreas post. I asked him honey was I trendy? He said Trendy? LOL He said if you were your dad didn't contribute!! I can't remember the last time my daddy (yes I STILL call him daddy) bout me clothes . . .maybe I was 12!?!? IDK But I definitely appreciated everything I got and I hated to see all these snobby girls walking around with their abercrombie and designer bags and they (probably) didn't so much as even do a chore at home let alone an after school job. (I didn't get home till almost midnight in my junior and senior years!) All so I could have a lil extra money. I really didn't start to get to know people until I got out of school.

My father told me years ago that when I die if I can count my close friend on one hand then I'm doing good. . . .well Daddy back then I thought you were crazy because my closest friend would fill up two hands or more. But as an adult today I'll be the first to admit that YOU WERE RIGHT! I don't even talk to two of my bridesmaids anymore, how sad is that? But I sincerely feel that I can now add one more friend to my hand!:-D Every since Andrea has moved back to NC I have felt sort of a release in her. (That probably doesn't make sense) She has a way of calming me and letting me know that everything will be alright. Most of the time just hanging out with her makes me feel a little bit more peaceful. Every since before she moved back she has been sort of ministering to me and assuring me that I am in fact making the right decisions in life.Showing me that I can in fact be strong and show my husband what a good CHRISTIAN is all about! And she also great for a mid day crisis call and a park prayer! ;-) So here is a picture of ME and ANDREA a couple weeks ago. If you want to see some baby pictures(a comparison shot go to her blog)
I also found a picture of a class Andrea and myself had together. Notice I'm the center of attention? (I added that JUST for you ANDREA!) Where is Andrea you say? Could she be the photographer? NOPE!!! She's the tiny little speck in the background. (If that isn't you you were some where in the back!Outcast!!!!!) She was so unsociable!! And bitter!!! I'm totally kidding she was shy though. Or at least not as "outspoken" as myself and the rest of the girls.
Oh and BTW I do occasionally get to talk to the girl beside me and the two on the top towards the right, but none of us are anything close like we used to be. People listen and listen good. . . highschool is very superficial! (Isn't that the word I'm looking for?) You go there not to learn like you should be you go there for popularity and who is wearing what! Who cares? You won't in 7 years either! (Ohh and btw this is one of the days I had to work afterschool hince the cute matchy matchy outfit) ohhh and on question 4 of my about me post the other day I did say that my best friend Amanda, CLint and my self all were in a class together in 10th grade Here is the picture of them two. Clint now a lil bulkier and
Amanda now has threekids and I still think looks the exact same!
I love this picture! Clint USED to be such a clown and so light hearted! I love his expression in this picture he looks like he does now but now that mean face is for real!LOL!!! Click HERE for a picture of Clints real frowning face!:-D

Well I hope no one thinks I'm a B**ch! I used to be and well I still have my moments but for the most part I'm nice! (and LOUD, & outgoing, & boisterous at times, & at maybe misconstrued as crude sometimes, & often intrusive but but
always cordial! :-D Yep thats me!)

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  • Drea said...

    aaweee im calming...

    ::ooohhmmm...ohhhmmm...:: yoga hands... crossing legs...:::...ohhhmmm...ohhhmm...:: :-)

    Im glad I calm you and you make me relax :-) good balance!! did that make any sense?!

    and yup your daddios is SO RIGHT!!

    Gtg Calebs up! I napped if you tried to call... PHONE OFF!!! muuuhahaha. ill call you later. gtg

  • FlipFlop Mom said...

    ahhh this is the sweetest post.. I have a 16 year old daughter.. YUP.. super gorgeous too.. Ü Check out her prom pic on my blog... anyway.. I think I NEED to direct her over here to read!!!!

    Friendships are wonderful!! but it's those friendships of sisterhood are the ones that ROCK!!!

  • pinks & blues girls said...

    It's so nice that you guys have reconnected and have so much to offer each other through your friendship! It's beautiful to see.

    You haven't changed since high school!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls