Tye Dye Thursday?

Well actually we did it yesterday afternoon . . .but what sounds better Tye Dye Thursday OR Tye Dye Wednesday? Well today is going to be pretty busy so I'm going to make this short and sweet. DYE with toddlers! Nervous? I wasn't . . .::giggling:: we weren't at my house!!! Ahhhh ha ha ha

Andrea and myself have been planing this for a few weeks now, we've had teh dye for what? like two weeks. Its been hectic for the both of us. So we finally made plans for yesterday afternoon after everyones naps (except big boy Mason of course)

Andrea had the great idea to tape off words and sayings in our shirts . . . .(I'll let You in on a little secret) that crap doesn't work!!!!

Well of course she had her camera out. (I figured shes better to ALWAYS have it on hand than I am.) So I had to wait for the pictures to bne emailed to me. :-( Typically I'll give her great credit but last night she didn't even email me the pictures she just EXPECTED me to use her video montage! OH poo!!(She's already done all the work for me!! POO!!!) LOL!!!!!

Lets get started!!!! Notice I'm wearing an old tye dyed shirt? Kinda trying to get in the mood and if I splash ohhh well! [I can't say the same for my polo shorts!!:-( ] I'm just glad I didn't get anything on Andreas Mei Tai!!

Ohh monkey is on the back because she was in a HORRIBLE mood right when it was time to actually start dying! And right when we got done tye dying she commenced to pulling out every bit of hair she could get her hands on. . .ya know just cause it was in her way I guess!

I especially like this one of Andrea and Caleb!!
Wonder who their WONDERFUL photographer was? :-D

How CUTE are these guys??
This is of course when we caught them being so cute.
While Drea and myself were doing all the prep work they were running around like wild men and watching Madagascar (fudge I forgot Masons movies again!! You have to remind me!!)

Heres a GREAT picture of me well being me!!\
U KNOW U want me to come over and teach u how 2 T.D.!!!!

Ohh and hows this for hospitality? Andrea let CALEB turn the sprinklers on while we were tye dying! I had to grab his umbrella to his sand box and go move it!!

Look at all the great family shots!

Well were off to Clints grandmothers house!! To grandmothers house we go . . .the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh . . .sorry i got carried away!

Ohhh GOODY sleep over tonight at my house almost forgot! Yeah right! Forget Nic Nic? NEVER!!

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  • Gina said...

    Hi Elizabeth - I found your blog through Amber's and have been lurging for a while. Your posts make me laugh, you seem like such a fun person!

  • Gina said...

    Sorry "lurging" should be "Lurking"!

  • Drea said...


    Yall look so cool but Im sad I dont see Terri.....

    The Umbrella photo is hilarious. You kinda look like your tip-toeing like a happy elf or something through the meadow.

  • pinks & blues girls said...

    You guys did a great job! The tees came out awesome! Poor Terri wasn't in a good mood, huh? At least she got to hang out on your back! That looks like fun!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  • Wendy said...

    The shirts look great! That would be a fun project to do this summer:)

  • Summer said...

    That looks likr you guys had a blast! Great job on dying the shirts.

  • That Chick Over There said...

    Oh how cool! They turned out so nicely!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    fun fun... so good to do that kind of activity with another adult.... makes it fun and not stressful!! :)

  • Andrea said...

    Very cool tye died have possibly inspired me to tye dye something now too! haha :) At least my little guy wouldn't be able to get into it the dye yet!! :)