I had another post I wanted to do today. . .but since this morning I have CHANGED MY MIND!

I wanted to write about SPANKING!!!

If you haven't been over to Dreas blog I strongly suggest you do. There is a heated discussion on spanking! The sum of it is that she did a post on being "Fed up". Caleb her two and a half YO is waking up too early in the morning and he is miserable most of the day. Thus causing her and everyone around them to be miserable. If you have or have had a two year old you KNOW how much energy they use. They are CONSTANTLY into everything and going going going!!!

Basically this morning she was "fed up" with his early rising and she told him (after diligently taking him to the rest room and putting on a fresh pull up) that he needed to go back to bed. I believe that it was 6:30 am! Well my children don't get up until 9 (ish) so it is very easy for me to say you have to "train" your child to sleep. Which also goes back to having some sort of bed time routine. But I think she has tried everything possible and now she just got "fed up"!
So she puts him back to bed and him being the very obstinate two year old that he is he doesn't obey. . . hence the "poon on butt" or so he calls it!

But for her writing her thoughts on her blog she has been insulted by a few commenters and been called names. Yes I repeat called names...like lazy, irresponsible, mean? how can you be mean for disciplining your child? You brought him into this world. You must discipline!! However it works best for your family. As God's gift, He has entrusted us to help our children develop and to fulfill His plans for them. If we really love our children we need to discipline them early and consistently. You MUST stand by your words! If you tell them not to do something and they do it any ways you have to stand STRONG. People wonder why there are vandalizing teenagers, rapist, thieves. It starts in most cases when your children are young and are disobeying and ARE NOT BEING REPRIMANDED! Weather it be by spanking taking away privileges or denying them play time. I don't just walk around all day spanking Mason and Terri. I don't thrive on it. But when needed I DO it! " . . . the Lord disciplines those he loves. . "(Hebrews 12:5-6).

Don't get me wrong when I spank I feel bad afterwards but I know that I have to lead my children to learn for themselves what is right and wrong. I also believe that it is harder to change an unruly 8 YO than it is starting with a child Terris age. Ohh and I DO POP Terri on the hand to!!! Ahhh ha! Thought I just "beat" the boy uh?

Your discipline style (whatever it may be) depends on your logic of thinking. Your logic is also based on your own personal opinion! You must do what YOU feel is right.

I'm a little burnt out on the whole spanking subject . . .But I hate to see it when children are acting LIKE lil CRAZIES and their parents are AFRAID to spank them in public. Or worse yet think that them disciplining tooo harshly will cause your child to hate you and "need therapy"!!
To all you crazy children raising parents . . . get off your butts and do something with your BRATS! They are making my kids think it's okay to act like that!

{Okay off to the park today., . . wait. . . Look one of them just threw sand on Terri and the other one is pushing Mason off the slide.}

Ohh and if you live in MY HOMETOWN. . . and your lil snot nosed brat does something like that to my kids and you don't do anything . . . you better believe I'll tell the lil twirp to quit acting like a brat! I'm all about embarrassing a "slack" parent.

Ohh and to whom ever said I should be embarrassed for my comments again I say I will never not stand up for my beliefs or my friends!

Ohh and I have to add this in. . . I have a tendency to step in and discipline other peoples children. If this bothers you I am sorry. I do it to my neighbors children (if they are here and not behaving they can go home or to timeout.) and even to Andreas son yesterday. (He slighty pushed Terri and took HIS sippy cup from her then threw it on the ground) I told him he was being ugly and that he needed a time out. I did stand up and tell him he was misbehaving b/c his mommy was inside and his daddy didn't see what he did. DOn't get me wrong I would never spank someone else's child without permission. (I do spank my nieces and my best friends kids if needed) But I think us as parents should have each others backs and if your child or mine is acting out we should TELL them! We shouldn't just let it go undisiciplined. I remember as a child living in this small town (much smaller then) . . . If I were to get into trouble at my great grandmothers house or any of my aunts and uncles, they would SPANK Me then send me home. By the time I got home I would EXPECT ANOTHER SPANKING. (To mew that was a bit extreme) But as a result I would ALWAYS be on my BEST behavior in public!!!! If your wondering my great-granparents lived across the street, three great aunts and uncles lived on either side and behind us. (I grew up on a 7 acre farm so it gave them time from me walking from their house to mine to call!) What i"m saying is tell children (even if they aren't yours) to act right! and have some respect for their elders!

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  • Drea said...

    I just have one thing to say...


    Thanks girlie.
    Why didnt you call me to go to the park... oh wait... you probably did... I think did hear the phone ring.. but I was to busy using the poon on Caleb.

    GRIEF LOL !! so over this issue already. Someone just left this comment on my blog-

    "Yeah, I had a similar situation the other day. My son wouldn't finish his lunch, so I decided I needed to give him a spanking. Who is he to say when he is "full." I'm his Mother and I will decide when he is good and full and until that plate is empty he won't get away from the table without a good spanking. On occasion he has gotten up in the morning before I wanted him to and I've never thought to give him a spanking for it. I'll have to try it, it worked for you. "


    I didnt waste much breathe...
    "wow that was mature. "

    I seriously dont get how people can be so rude.. Oh yes I get it...Their sinners just like our children are.. and apparently no one helped drive that sin from them as a child!'

    ill do the laugh again just for you.

    MUUUAHHAHAHAHA! gtg. Taites up... and Caleb will be any second. I really need a shower... I didnt get one last night and you know how nasty that slip-n-slide was. ICK

  • MommasWorld said...

    I am guilty of being "Everyone's Mother" and not just children. I have corrected adults and children alike. No one has stopped yet or became upset with me(knocking on wood).