Chuch Picinic

Oh and I'm not so smart b/c I brought Mason and Nicolas a water gun and (duhhh) I didn't think about the twenty other kids that were there. . .not smart! The kids eventually got the bright idea to get cups and just throw water on each other!! Smart kiddos!

Ohh and they also had a raffle to give away PRIZES . . . and guess who didn't win a prize? (Hint: ME) and guess who did? (Hint: Drea)!!! BOYCOTT?? uhh yea!
You like the water gun mark on my belly don't you? Huh? Yea you do!

Caleb got me good! Andrea had a little mini one in her car! Smart momma

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  • Donna said...

    Thanks for stopping by I know I am not alone! I hope to keep up with ti this summer!

    I also have another

    Your kiddos are cute. I have stopped by a few time, I am a friend of Drea's!

  • Wendy said...

    that video was hilarious:) Looks like you all had a great time!!