I'm such a happy hippie momma!!!

So I'm not a hippie...I shave (everything~underarms and legs), I don't think I've ever owned any organic cotton (nothing against it~just can't afford it.), I will use disposable diapers and I love old navy.

I do however love to garden, eat fresh fruits and veggies, my one year old is a cloth diapered baby and I breastfeed. What else? Okay I am a non bra or make up wearing woman... So am I a hippie? hmmm. . .

The point to all of this? My style... I have a good friend Brenda that is half mexican. She gave me this beautiul handmae skirt on Saturday so I got a chance to wear it on Sunday after church... hmmm... on the walk.. nature called ... I answered, while babywearing! Andrea was umm... I dont know how to explain her reaction :-) She was freaked out... but it was just so easy to tuck your skirt up into the wrap and mm.... squat!

I was down in a creek.. so no one saw, I swear... I think...
I hope.. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!! Here the pictures...

Here is her post . . . .she was a lil scared to tell on me. ahh ha!

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  • pinks & blues girls said...

    You sure look like a hippie chick in these pics, but I'm lovin' the look on you!

    I don't wear a bra (small boobs, yeah!) or make-up either. I call myself low-maintenance! Whatever floats your boat, I guess! :)

    Happy 4th!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  • Wendy said...

    You look so comfy in those pictures:) Nothing like multi tasking!!! Love it, lol!! You are one talented momma! HEE!

  • Drea said...

    ewwwww ;-)

  • Stam House said...

    Hey hippie sister, I do consider myself a hippie or some other will say I like it "au natural" Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!!

    Yes hippies rock, and I do agree on teh babies pushers!

    My wrap is a gauze materiel very light and breathable soon my frien who made it will have a web site so I;ll post about it soon!

    Love your skirt, I'm looking for material to make soem more of the kind you have and yes they are great to do what you did with it! You go girl!

    so long for now

  • Kell Rees said...

    I love that skirt on you!
    I was wondering what andrea was talking about on her blog, thats hilarious, multi-tasking to the next level!!:-)

  • mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

    Kelley...she meant that I was peeing...while babywearing, and wearing a skirt all at the same time! LOL