Photography by Drea...

So it is a definite PERK to have a best friend with a photo obsession! Drea came by the house this afternoon to visit while she was in town. I think it took all of ten minutes before the camera was out.

I figured instead of my typical montage or slideshow, I would throw a picture puzzle at you. YOU hagve too roll your mouse around the pictures to see the ones underneath. They only get better the deaper in the stack you go!

I just HATe that daddy was at the football game today.

(yea we had a wardrobe change midway b/c we had to change out of our church clothes)

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  • Wendy said...

    Love the pictures! Glad you were able to visit with Andrea while she was in town:)

  • Anonymous said...

    Love the pictures!! You're lucky to have a best friend that loves to take pictures and is an amazing photographer!

  • Drea said...

    they did come out pretty good didnt they :-) I love the one w/ Terri on your back. that ones soo sweet
    and mason as a witch is pretty darn cute 2 :-)