I got a red bull!

YEP, you heard correctly, I have a Red Bull and I am on a mission to do some "damage control". The back part of my house is a cluttered, hot mess!!!! That is the only way to explain it. Masons room ::trembling with fear:: The babys have slept in the playpen in there, and well that is all I can say. I wouldn't dare leave his door open for 2 minutes...something might escape. Terris room isn't that bad. Just some clothes to put away, same with mine. But again, Masons room...::trembling::

I realllllly want to get some reading done on my new book Lies Women Believe, which won't happen if I don't get most of this house done.

You want pictures??

You WILL have an update before the end of the day so come back and its BAD or G O O D! (hoping for the more positive of the two)

The only good thing is that Mason is COMPLETELY OCCUPIED right now. Drea brought him his early (tomorrow is his B-day) Birthday present. He woke up this morning and was ready to go outside in his undies to start the sidewalk redecorating!!!

UPDATE On the "aftershock"....The Red Bull has officially worn off!! Thank the Lord the day is ALMOST DONE! so i promised "after" pictures, here ya go....

Proud of me? te he! DiD you EvEr doubt me? noooo

I want to REMIND YOU that I DO have a 5YO(tomorrow is his birthday) and TWO 1YOs in the house and STILL got all this done!
I also cooked THIS for dinner.
(I took a picture to show my friend what she was missing)

was so tired that he fell asleep while I was finishing up dinner. I let him sleep, and was just going to put his food in the microwave. BUT while I was getting the kids teeth brushed I FORGOT to put his food up....{you know where I'm going with this don't you?}I walked in the kitchen to find my Lhaso Apso ON THE KITCHEN TABLE CHOWING DOWN!

Needless to say that poor (FULL) Louie is sleeping outside tonight. This will be his 3rd night out in almost 4 years!!!

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