Not so Wordless_ Wordless Wednesday

I always feel the need to explain all of my pictures.

Mason told me that I looked like a pretty princess . . .actually he said
"Mommy you wook wike a pwetty pwetty pwincess" and since I'd already been videos of Mason and Nicolas earlier in the yard (they look like bums in Ms. Martha backyard) and had my camera he then said "Wets take your picture" :-D
(I really hate to have my picture taken but for my son . . .anytime!!!!)

How cute am I? *giggling*
(The top was from Steve and Barrys and it was only 4.98!! YEP!)
Ohh and I KNOW U like all my JUNK over my washer and dryer!!!

Wook at his widdle foot. . . awwww!
Andrea . . .check out the Oprah arms?

Ohhh and on a very exciting SIDE note . . .
I'm going to be and Aunt again
(my little brother is expecting:-O)
Amber just called . . . it's a BOY!!!!! YaY!
So far there is Mason (4 1/2 YO) and T.J. (11 1/2 Mo) Mine
My brother has Wreagan (his step daughter) and Janae (1YO)another pic
and then Josh will now have a widdle boy!!! awe widdle boys :-D

(This is supposed to be a wordless wednesday . . .yea right!)
Don't forget about the Vincent shoes contest and the Dooney and Burke contest!!

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  • Drea said...

    Jiggle them Oprahs gurl!! woo!! :-) that is a cute top! I got one in black. I like yours better