I should have posted this last week (or 2) ago when we first got these. Dripsticks are definitely the way to go! We have just started to do the whole ice cream truck routine...you know where when the music hits the block your 4YO has a small conniption fit! No I'm kidding...do ya'll think I'd reward a fit throwing non supper eating child? umm no! But I couldn't resist to let him get some ice cream when we got the Dripsticks. I told him to run to the end of our driveway and I would get some money. (Paw-Paw just happened to be eating dinner with us and I hit him up for some dollars!) It was hilarious to hear Mason stand in front of the ice cream truck and say ...I quote him..."Eww gdross he's got ice cweam in der?" (Eww gross he's got ice cream in there?) Then I told him no he's got it in his refrigerator in the truck...Mason then was completely cool with the idea. The man was very nice he "called Masons choices before Mason could even blink..."So what'll it be Sponge Bob, Spiderman, or TMNT?" ". . . .All little boys love these three"

Spiderman it is! So I grabbed the dripsticks, yes two. Even though I didn't buy Terri ice cream. Why fill my one year old up w/ all that sugar? She likes those freezable plain ol boring...without the bells and whisitles great on a summer day when you have fifteen kids at your house pops.
Since the Dripstick has two holes one for ice cream cones and one for popcicle sticks it can be used for almost any kind of frozen "treat". I went inside and got Terri a P.O.B.P. (plain ol boring popsicle) cut the end, popped it in the ice cream cone side. The other great thing about these are that even a toddler/infant can use them. Have you ever had a child with a boo boo that just NEEDED a Popsicle and wouldn't let you hold it? The whole time they are soothing themselves there little hands are shaking b/c they are froze to this Popsicle? Well if I would have had a Dripstick it would have been alot easier (and less messy!)

Look she didn't drop it and she didn't have it all over
her...except her widdle fat face!

Mason is so sweet..his began to melt and he said "You know it would be a gweat idea if you got me a spoon and a boww"(bowl). Then I told him it would be a great idea if he went to get a spoon and bowl himself. (Teaching that great self help thing) His reply? "It's okay Mommy you can get it and I wiww keep and eye on sissy"
Now I just saw the "schmoozer" award today and I just wanted to say that I want to nominate my 4YO for "The King Kid Schmoozer"!!!!

If you'd like to order one go to http://www.dripstik.com/ and check out their wide variety in colors!

Oh and speaking of nominations ...since I was nominated as a
I need to nominate someone(s) that I think ROCK!! Lets see. . .
The FlipFlop Momma (Jaymi?)Because she has admitted to be half mexican and she hates the sun...no I'm kidding. But anyone that can be preggers with a 15 MO and still has time to write to a blog deserves a BIG {{((HUG))}}. I know that her and her hubby are going thru some hard times and she can still maintain her . . .her. . . "happy writing" and . . .her. . .spice?!?! You know what I mean...go read! I also love that she refers to her youngest as the beast...just like TERRI! Can I add that she uses the term Whoop Whoop! (Flicker)
Fina Drea Where to begin? . . .she has first and foremost has lead me to the light "the cloth diapering baby wearing light". I need a few separate twelve step programs b/c of this chick! I also think she is a Rockin' Blogger b/c she can maintain her composure after a post that STUPID IGNORANT OVER OPINIONATED strangers personally attack her. :P She rocks b/c of her faith in the LORD and her faithful support of friends in need.
Jane rocks b/c she is a faithful commenter! What? SHe is like one of the only people that reads my blog that almost always comments!! Look if you are a fellow blogger your favorite people are those that always comment on your stupid post about a new skirt or you dog barking or a cloth diaper. Her blog is fun and free . . .no rules just rambling. (I'm bias too)Oh and she showed a picture before her nose job! THAT ROCKS!!!!!
Reneeshe is a rockin blogger b/c weather she admit it or not she is a happy hippie momma! Face it if you love to wear your baby and you use cloth diapers you have some "hippie tendencies" and basically I think you rock!Oh and let me not forget that she has my button up...hint hint...wink wink. No I like her personality! She seems like such a sweet person!
Okay okay there are quite a few more rockin bloggers but most of them have already been nominated but I have to add this person...she is always guaranteed a laugh!
That chick over there (she is my true I wanna call it for like it is self...) Ilove her blog and I go there just to read and laugh. She was talking today about her proposal but while he was down on one knee she only noticed the hole in her sock. Can you say a classic Elizabeth a.d.d. momment? {Clints hates it but ATTHE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIMES I do this} I just love how she writes...go read!

Ohh and BTW...if you've been nominated (or not) can some people add me to their blog roll. . .I mean dang! I need some love! I had the stupid buttons made and everything....LOL!!! Oh and thats another reason Drea rocks! She makes my

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  • Drea said...

    Terri looks so cute w/ that drip stick. Mason.. crazy. Ur brave w/ the shrek dance on the blog :-)
    Glad you like those! I can see us using ours for many years.

    and thanks for the nomination!

  • tAnYeTTa said...

    Dripsticks are very cool. I need to get one :)

  • Anonymous said...

    What a great pic of Terri!! How funny, her smile is so huge!! Thanks for the nomination, I think you rock too!!!

  • Mama Zen said...

    You're tagged!

  • Doggy Mama said...

    You are TOO COOL! Thanks for the nomination! You know I totally think you ROCK, too! :)

    That first picture of Terri made me laugh so hard! Love that face!

    Jane, P&B Girls/Doggy Mama!

    P.S. I knew you would've keep looking for a pre-NJ picture on my blog, so I figured I'd save you the hassle! Haha!

  • Doggy Mama said...

    Oh and yes, Dad is a big Harley guy. Actually my mom and dad are taking a trip out to Sturgis, ND for their annual rally next month!

    Jane, P&B Girls/Doggy Mama

  • Stam House said...

    Thanks!!!!! I love your blog too, you are a rocking Mama and I love it.

    Yes I admit it i'm a hippy and loving it!