Renee over at When 2 became 3 just made made me some lucky winner ::@hem:: hint hint ME a really cute cotton knit wrap. Since I didn't' win the grocery tote I suspect I should have better luck this time!!! You know you can always go sign up and IF you win you could SEND IT TO ME!!! mwahhahahaha!!!! Kidding but not really! I need a wrap! I LOVE baby wearing!!! Clint blames Terris lack of walking on ME wearing her so much. There are women in my local babywearing group that wear their babies ALL the time and they are walking. Its just that she loves to be held!! She loves being worn. SHe was in the nursery at the church this week probably more than she has ever been and every night she has been worn! I have shown so many different carriers to so many different people and now they can LOVE babywearing as much as I do!!! :-D

Go sign up for Renees contest!


Heather, The Domestic Diva is having a giveaway! is having a little contest right now for a Lindie & Friends! I signed up to winone a couple weeks ago along w/ Drea, neither one of us won but it was too much fun picking a doll that matched our kids.

I liked Beatrice for Terri, but now that I look again....I like Sally too.

Which do you like better?
(Terri is "Ginger" a.k.a. strawberry blonde)

Andrea liked Joey I believe...

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