I'm Pissed!

Okay so tonight I went to my profile and noticed that the city portion of my profile is now lite OF course I clicked it. It took me to pages and pages of local blogger. I found a cute girl on the third or forth page and clicked on her...after reading here first post...I continued to read until I got to THIS post.....What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? read my comment!!!! Okay then I got distracted and read her friends blog. THEN I SAW IT AGAIN!!! I warn all my bloggin momma friends...don't read if your in a bad mood! You WILL be pissed off! I would have said something...I'm not saying it was those girls place, but I AM COUNTRY and I would have been ready for a drunken brawl and I WOULD have Clint backing me up in that situation!!! He's like my own personal defensive lineman!!! MY LORD Please tell me what is wrong with people???? I'm SOOOO IRRITATED RIGHT NOW!

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