Nanna Drove HERSELF to the Hospital!

The phone rang yesterday is said _ _ _ _ _ _ Hospital and on the other side was a womans voice...."I was just calling to let you know that your grandmother is in recovery and that she is fine."

"WHAT? Recovery for what?" My first initial thought was that she had been in an accident and she was now in recovery. The lady said "This is Elizabeth, ______ granddaughter isn't it?" Uhh YEA!

Okay so basically . . .
This CRAZY lady drove herself to the hospital to have an outpatient surgery done. Worse than that she was planning to drive herself home. The surgery? She was going to have the veins stripped in BOTH of her legs. My grandmother is NOT your typical 70- YO. She goes to movies with her friends (the late 10:00 shows), she goes dancing, and shopping till the stores close! She can keep up with most kids better than us parents can and STILL have time to fold your laundry when you come to visit.

A little background...Nanna is my dads mom, and after he broke his back she along with my deceased grandfather had a large hand in spoiling raising us. Oh and shes STUBBORN and Irish!

It BOGGLED my mind to think that she would have something like this done and not tell me, my father, my one. She didn't want to "inconvenience us". She said that my dad cannot sit that long (he's disabled), I have the kids, and my aunt can't take off work.

So I didn't feel too bad taking this picture.

I DO feel a little bad because she HATES to have her picture taken but she deserves to be exploited! She will be so mad!! te he!

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  • Drea said...

    yea ur nana is a funny lady :-) :: laughing about the soaker!!:: HAHA!
    shes a strong lady tho, good grief!
    she doesnt look bad in that pic either, maybe when i come visit u can talk her into doing a photoshoot w/ her grandbabies ;-)

    and remember when she told me, "oh just wait hunny, ur boobs will grow" and your like "shes already had 2 kids nana.." lol

  • Stam House said...

    how is she feeling now!

  • Aura said...

    Did she know you were taking this picture? It's kind of a unique picture. The only picture I have in a hospital bed was when I was delivering. I hope she's doing well now.

  • Wendy said...

    Your nana is so sweet...not wanting to inconvenience anyone!! Glad she is doing okay now. (I read the post about the festival first)I am behind...I know:(