Awana Awards Ceremony!!!!

Awe my lil guys first awards ceremony, wait its his second, counting T-ball that is.

His awards ceremony was for their cubbies program at church. It for real took a HOT minute to add these if you must take an anti nausea medicine or some sort of motion sickness pill and watch....if you don't have the patience. . .I'll sum it up (laughing) b/c I know only a mother could want to sit through this wobbly video! They sing...the leaders talk(Ms. Sallie is chocked up)...they handed out awards and well (I got teared up!!)...mason got an award for encouragement.

Ohhh and while the videos were loading I snapped this REALLY sweet picture of my REALLY sweet 4YO occupying my not so easy to handle (teething) Baby girl!

Ohhhhhhh and the reasoning behind allllll the blinkies is....welll.....I always like to read other peoples well I couldn't make up0 my mind...and it took a HOT minute (like I said) to add and edit these videos. Like 30 minutes...

I couldn't decide which I liked the best so I added (most of) the ones I liked. I'll take some off in a few days when I'm not so tired! I did see a cute one for cloth diapering momma...hmmm?

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  • Da' Diva said...

    oh my goodness, it looks as if the blinkie fairy threw up all over your blog....LOL. you were bored weren't you.

    BTW, i hope to get the hairbow sent out to you either tomorrow or wednesday, whenever I can get up to the dollar store and get an envelope big enough to hold this GINORMOUS bow! LOL