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Random post...Lindsey Lohan... Paris Hilton...

You know your stint in rehab went badly if:

A. You have been cited for investigation of DUI.

B. Your upcoming birthday party is being sponsored by a liquor company.

C. Your name is Lindsay Lohan.

D. All of the above.

Okay so apparently, she went to a Memorial Day party. (I'm sure you've all heard or seen pictures...but this isn't here first incident!) LOOK at drunken Lindsay, and again(sorry I don't ever remember being drunk and holding a knife to my friends neck! Do U?), and ...again. She isn't even legal yet? I know I know. . .most of or well alot of US have drank before the legal age. But MOST of us aren't celebrities that do in front of everyone. ANNNNND most of us get reprimanded by our local governments for breaking the laws. I'm really rambling all I want to say is that this girl is dangerous to herself and others around her and instead of everyone bashing her (I know its hard) but if they did lock her up (Paris is gone in less than a week) it might give her a little "away" time to appreciate her life! I mean come on she was caught driving under the influence...with cocaine...check her blood and lock her up. Obviously rehab hasn't helped! So when she drives drunk again and KILLS herself or someone else don't say that your shocked! BECAUSE IT HAPPENS!!!!

Ohh and just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean I'm giving her a hard time! I have a friend that is sitting at home with a broke leg because of drunk driving did he get sympaty? NO!!! There is a guy that I grew up very close with that was in a BAD accident a couple months ago and is now BRAIN DAMAGED and he only had 4 beers!!!! IT HAPPENS!!!!! Please don't drink and DRIVE!!!! DRINK by all means just DON"T DRIVE!!!!!!

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