I love accessories!!

Let me say that again....I love accessories!!

As Clint and myself were about to head out today on our mail man delivered a PACKAGE..... :-)

It was my new purse that Steph made me!!! YAYYYYYY!!
As soon as I opened it....I realized that I was wearing brown. OHh no no nooo
I made Clint stop back at the house to change my top and shoes.

Then we went to the Japanese restaurant (MMMM....SHRIMP tempura rolls!) and then stopped into the game store (LOL...looking for "kid friendly" video games) and then we went in PAYLESS. I am NOT a payless girl. I LOVE my shoxs (all of them) but I just can't wear my tennis shoes andBirkenstocks for ever. UGH! I need to have some "casual dress" shoes. Some shoes to wear Sunday nights after church that are comfortable while standing in choir practice. SOO I went on a mission.

Let me just add that Terri had a FIT in this store!! (not a tantrum) BUT I mean she LOVES loves Loves shoes. She kept saying "sheeewwz"

So adorable.

But I found a cute black pair of flats. I tried them on a within seconds my heels hurt. I looked down and my DD was holding THESE! $9.99!!!! and so flexible.

How could I say no to these shoes. They were 10 bucks HELLLLO!

I got home a tried to "pose" but I couldn't get a good shot.

HERE is another shot of me ::snickering:: [out of focus]


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  • Drea said...

    veryyy cute :-) love both the shoes and bag.

  • Wendy said...

    I love those shoes! I say go for the PL shoes as long as they don't look super cheap.

  • Jessie said...

    Congrats on winning the bag - it is very cute! The shoes are also adorable, just yesterday I was at TJ Maxx and bought a new pair of (black) shoes b/c I said the same thing as you - I can't wear Birks forever (except I think that I can :) Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Sheena said...

    Liz, newsflash! Payless is what's up now! They have come up a lot! I love the American Eagle shoes. I need some ballet flats, I don't have any. I love Nike shox, but never bought a pair, I wear New Balance..yum. Terri loves sheeewz! You look great, I need to work on my layering. I worked at Hollister, the king of layers, I just couldn't layer for anything there. I'd grab a shirt and jeans and call it a day.

  • Adventures In Babywearing said...

    You are adorable!! I am so sorry I missed this post... I am so glad you like it!!