I'm S I C K !!!!!

Okay so where have i been?

Friday morning ohhh about 4:00a.m. I woke up . . .wait let me go back further than that (yes the details will make a difference)

So Thursday night I was up to my usual late night internet searchin, IM chatting, next day blog preparing (thats right I don't always do it the day of the original post;-D), fly lady list checkin usuals! Then it hit me ...."whats that you say?" THE HUNGER BUG!!!! [I'm not one of those "can't eat after 8pm type of people"] So I take my inner cow self into the kitchen and decided upon my late night snack.

SOFT TACO? SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA!!!! mmmm. . . meat cheese, more cheese, salsa, habanero peppers YUM! (I have never had a problem with any kind of indigestion~expect during gestation that is) So back to the taco...YUMMY!!! Gettin hungry? LOL

So after I eat (thats right right after i eat i lay down~feel the thighs getting thicker oh baby!) My head was killing me. I suffer from and yes I did say SUFFER from migraines. IT SUCKS!!! So when I know one is coming on I HAVE to lay down.

I put on my eye wear. . .(here is a cute picture of me and Mason wearing our "eye wear") and try to lay down. Well Mason gets up and we do the late night peepee thing. He wanted me to lay with me so I did.

SoOOOoo about 4:00am IT hits me...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI make a sudden dash for the bathroom just soon enough to MISS!!! YEP! I ran, I aimed, I shot, I MISSED! (What's even funnier is that Clint cleaned it up~LOL~I'll get to that in a second) SO the night goes as follows ...NO sleep, LOTS of VOMIT, a lil diarrhea (thought I'd add that sorry for the T.M.I.), and a VERY GROUCHY HUSBAND!!!! So by 7:30 in the morning Clint was fed up. I didn't realize why he was freaking out . . . his head wasn't resting where HIS butt was a few hours ago. yeeash! I did apologize around 8:00 last night for the day HE had and (I realized that yesterday was the day his mom died 6 years ago) He is never that pleasant to be around on June 1st or other holidays. I love him I just know he hasn't forgiven her yet. He also is angry with the Lord for letting her do what she did. enough said.

So Mr. Illa** decides yesterday morning to go get me some medicine....I HAD some promethazine (anti nausea/vomiting medicine) which worked great once I finally got up to go get it. But Clint comes in with this "miracle" nausea medicine from CVS. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Well he bought this wonderful medicine and tried to FORCE it down my throat like he had been the one who had been throwing up and he just knew what was best for me. WRONG!!!
I only took half of what he gave me and exactly 2.5 minutes laterPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketit happened!
Have I ever mentioned before how much I HATE CHERRIES??? ::GAG:: No really can't ewwww So of course my DH goes out and buys me some cheery elixir! ::GAG::

So last night Terri goes to bed at 7:00 (thank you Lord!) and my DH(dear husband) feels the need to change the sheets on the bed (that is sooo comfy). I think its nice except for the fact that he practically wedged his foot you know where to get me out of the bed. I've already mentioned why he was already having a bad day but good Lord I didn't ask to be sick. Then he goes into the guest BR and see the small explosion all over the place. SORRY HUN!! So I went and got into Masons bed while he cleaned.

So I slept and slept and well. . . slept.

Did I mention that Terri Jade is FINALLY CUTTING HER TWO TOP TEETH?? YAY! Perfect timing.

Oh and I fed her breakfast this morning and she ate like there was no tomorrow. Come to find out that Clint gave her crackers cookies and 5 bottles all day yesterday. (I'm glad it was only a 12 hour bug!~LOL)

Ohh and if you've made it this far. . . and haven't gagged yourself by all my gross details I will be doing some reviews next week...Come on back now ya here! (that was for all you readers that think I'm so county~which I'll admit to!)

Ohh yeah. . .what is that smell in my house? No it's not vomit. My house smells. . .like wet towels were left in the washer. Let me go check. . . .nope. . .wth? Ohh well the lysols out anyways. Might as well spray everything!

Ohh just to leave you on a not so Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (vomit) note. . .my fridays post was gonna have something to do with the fact that I shampooed my carpets while wearing Terri Jade in the moby. Here s a picture that Mason snapped...

Notice the ADORABLE expression on Terris face? Like "ooooo bubby you better not take mommies picture right now...she's gonna be barfin all day tomorrow"? LOL
Ohh and please forgive the blue painters tape in my's been there for at least two weeks!

Ohh BTW sorry again for all the details...I HAD to whine to someone...don't forget about the all about me post...keep on asking...I'm taking note...I'll post on Monday possibly Tuesday!

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  • Drea said...

    That was so funny!!
    I mean not funny that you were barfing all over the place.. but I seriously could visualize EVERY SINGLE BIT of it... WOW!
    Oh and just to let you know.. we may not be at church tomorrow morning.. Travis is seriously scared that Caleb might catch the barf bug since it seems to be floating around ... so we may actually go to his friend Wills church nearby (guy he went to seminary with).. and at their church there is no nursery.. so Caleb will sit with us.

    That will put Travis' mind at ease.. and mine 2 actually.
    So... See ya... Uh. Monday, tuesday? whenever :-) We have to tyedye!!!!!!!!