I couldn't take the pain anymore!

I called the dentist! My appointment is for Friday!


This wouldn't be AS bad IF I had insurance. ::SIGH:: With the extremely dry weather last year and my husband owning a landscaping company we thought it would be an easy quick budget fix to drop my insurance. Whoops. We've just had such a hassle out of Cigna. ugh!!

I hate going to the doctor with no insurance. ESPECIALLY when my face feels like the Incredible hulk took a punch at me! I did manage to find a couple old pain pills. So hopefully I can get some sleep.

WHAT reaaaaaaallly stinks is that Mason has T-Ball practice on Saturday morning at 10am and I might be a little all mangled up. Geeeeez Jim !!!

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  • Amber said...

    Sorry to read of all you are going through right now. I'm praying for you this morning!

    Oh, and I hear ya about no insurance. We've never had and have spent many a dollar at our dentist clinic :( It seems like such a waste of money, but SO necessary.

    Hope you can get fixed up soon!