I have shared before that I was diagnosed with Endometriosis before I got pregnant with Terri. I have suffered from PCOS [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome] for several years before that.

Basically most of the symptoms of PCOS are:

  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Migraines
  • Skin Problems(skin tags, Adult acne,Excess facial or body hair, thinning hair)
  • Weight and Insulin-Based Problems(excess weight, Sudden unexplained weight gain, Shaking, lack of concentration, uncontrollable hunger and/or mood swings, Type II Diabetes, Family history of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease or Hypertension)
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Rapid pulse and/or irregular heartbeat
  • Pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes or excess amniotic fluid.

    The symptoms of Endometriosis are:
    • Very painful menstrual cramps
    • Pain with periods that gets worse over time
    • Chronic pain in the lower back and pelvis
    • Pain during or after sex
    • Intestinal pain
    • Painful bowel movements or painful urination during menstrual periods
    • Heavy and/or long menstrual periods (I used to but my IUD has helped!)
    • Spotting or bleeding between periods
    • Infertility (I proved them wrong with TERRI didn't I?)
    • Fatigue

(the highlighted and bold are my symptoms) JEALOUS? Didn't think so!~ Oh and if your a man skip this post! (OR you can read and be happy that YOUR NOT my husband!)

SO on top of all this I have an abscessed tooth! Disclosure: I am NOT a dentist. I have NOT been diagnosed. I just know what I feel and know what others/family have had to deal with. I HAVE however been diagnosed with the endometriosis and the PCOS BY my primary physician and my OBG/YN. (WITH a second opinion on the endometriosis before having the test done!!!!!)

So my jaw hurts. B A D....very very bad! LIKE AN 8 OR 9!!!!!!
I have prayed and prayed about this. ALL OF IT. Sometimes I don't b.c I know that the truth is-He is far more interested in my holiness than He is in my temporary happiness.

At our last womens meeting one thing that Karon said was that "We are more than a positive thinking rally."

We as Christian women have to stop looking at circumstances in terms of what they are doing to us, or what they are keeping us from doing/having. We should seek Gods perspective and try to see what He might be accomplishing through our hardships. Then we will see suffering as a part of Gods plan and a doorway to a greater intimacy with Him.

1 Pet.2:20-21 "If you suffer for the doing good and you endure it this is commendable before God. To this (suffering) you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you as example that you should follow in His steps."

Does our positive thinking come from the presence of the Lord in the midst of our pain?(NOT from the absence of pain)

1 Pet. 5:10 "After you have suffered a little while the God of Grace will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."

I will always remember and stead fast too the fact that The Lord has assigned my portion and my cup and I have made MY LOT secure!
Ps. 16:5

Karon, you help to open my eyes and keep my center throughout the month. Thank you!

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  • Wendy said...

    You know that I have PCOS so I know all about that but I didn't know much about the endometriosis. I am sorry that you are in so much pain, but happy that you have such a positive outlook about it all:) If only we all did!! I know that I certainly don't!!

  • Stacey said...

    Thanks for that post... it's so easy to just get down about things, but I really liked that line about God wanting our holiness, rather than our temporary happiness. Thanks!!

  • Jenny said...

    I'll say a prayer for you tonight... I hope the pain subsides.
    I also have endometriosis. I've had 3 surgeries for it and a years worth of treatment. I was actually told it would be impossible for me to have kiddos. Thankfully I'm expecting my third child in May. However, the pain is horrible. I also have really bad back problems (severe scoliosis and a touch of spina bfida) which doesn't help at all with the pain of endo. It does get overwhelming feeling icky most of the time.
    I'll definitely keep you in my prayers!!

  • Anonymous said...

    Keeping you in my prayers Elizabeth!!