Miss me?

Wonder where I have been????
Week goes as follows...Wednesday-vomitting and diarrhea, Thursday-Clint got it (only the later portion, nothing out the top), TODAY-Mason and Terri Jade have it(only the puking nothing out the bottom...YET).

We went out this morning to shop for Masons birthday party and to take Terri to the Dr. (to get her ears checked b/c of her pulling at them and her cough). The doctor told me that b/c of her congestion she was pulling at the ears.(Babies can't pop their ears to relieve pressure) I did tell him that we had the stomach bug this week and he said that there was really nothing that they could do for that. NOT EVEN an hour later is she throwing up.

SO the JOYS of Motherhood? Being able to sit at a mexican restaurant after shopping for your sons 5th birthday party and having your sleepy daughter shoot projectile vomit ALL over me!

Of course Clint burst out laughing HYSTERICALLY.

I was very. . . very. . .well casual about it. It was almost like it happened everyday. There was no point in me freaking out or getting upset. It would only upset the baby. So I walked her to the bathroom and by the time I got in the door she did it again. I hate to see the kids throw up. I don't think anyone enjoys it.

So we get our food to go (KNOWING that mexican food is BEST at the restaurant) and by the time she gets into the truck in her car seat she throws up 3 more times. GAAHHHHH! Poor baby.

So when we get home I get her out of the truck and head for the house.....TWO more times. I get to the front door and fumble for the knob, TWO MORE TIMES, I get in and get her to the tub....yep you guessed it, ONE more time. I got her cleaned up and she laughed a little. I put her in the bed and there she has been for the past two hours.

I called my father to tell him that Terri got "it", he informs me that Mason threw up last night and this morning and that he was starting to feel better. I know I know, why didn't he call me and tell me this last night. ugh~! You just have to understand that my father raised me and my brothers by himself and a flu bug is as flu bug. He isn't one to freak out and quarantine Mason b/c he is sick. He is the type to let him sleep with him, get puked on in the middle of the night and immediately get sick himself so that Mason (a.k.a. paw-paws boy) will be as comfortable as possible.

So THIS is my week. How has yours gone?

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  • Wendy said...

    AWW!! Poor you...poor babies!! I was getting ready to email you to see where the heck you went!! I hope everyone is healed ASAP!!!!! Lani is fighting a cold...but not so yucky like Terri Jade!! Lani says to get well soon:)

  • Anonymous said...

    Awwww... that just bites! I'm praying that everyone will get better VERY soon!!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    I'm so sorry!!!! yuck. I wanted to tell you, about the "face" that Terri does that you referred to in a few posts back... the 15mo old I nanny for does the EXACT same face!!! unbridled joy is how I read it. :)

  • Summer said...

    That sounds awful!!! Hope everyone is feeling better and here's to you not getting it!!

  • Andrea said...

    Oh man...I think I hate the flu bug more than ALMOST anything else! I seriously CANNOT handle it when I get the flu...and it's even worse when it goes through your whole family! Hope you're all feeling better soon and the puking is OFFICIALLY outta your house!