Ready for the Giveaways????

I will try to get all of them on here before they expire!

Mama's Musings is giving away a CrossitOff.List, a little book with tear-out carbon-copy notes, so you can remember those daily tasks (for those who don't complete) and mark them off as you go along. I am a multi tasking Mamma of two and this would be FaBuLOUs!!!
Not sure when its ending.....

Mama Speaks is giving away a DC 07 Pink [$400] Dyson Vacuum Cleaner! To enter you to must send a picture of you and the kiddos wearing pink with your current vacuum. Email entries to mamaspeaks@gmail[dot]com by Deadline: midnight
October 25th.

Kangaroodle has the cutest baby items! To win a $50 gift certificate, stop by Bloggy Giveaways
before October 22nd.

One Chic Mama is giving away the O Yikes! Slingback Bag in purple/grape.
October 21st at midnight


OKAY SO my bloggin bud WENDY needs some votes....Karen is having a fall photo contest HERE. SO go vote for Wendy (WeSnLani) :-) Orrr whoever you want to vote for..BUT MY personal fav is Wendys' COME ON LOOK AT Wesley and LANI...How could you NOT vote for her?

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