I dare you (an 80s mistake)

I DARE you not to sing!!!

I am an 80s baby, what can I say?

DO you remember this? STOP LYING TO YOURSELF! I remember seeing the video and wanting to BE THESE girls! How AWFUL was that choreography?? Whats up with the girl in the back right? She could NOT get in the groove could she?

Given I grew up on a farm with my daddy, brothers and grandparents. SO me trying to get all that makeup on and off wasn't easy. Nanna never cared about me playing in her makeup, it was my PaPa Wayne and my father!! I would have caught a beatin had they seen all that makeup! I remember locking my door, blasting the music and slicking back my hair then trying to get that "strut" going.

Okay IF that didn't get you reminiscin on the 80s then HERE YA GO! How about a little Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine? (LOVED Slash) I was am such a daddies girl, this was my jam!! I am such a biker baby. My dad raised us the best he could with no mommy but let me tell you I was a MEAN little thing. I thought b/c my daddy was a biker and we were country that I had to be tuff! Well I definitely lived up to that one! My motto (though I didn't know it then) was I can do it just as good as you but better AND BAREFOOT!

Ohhh Ohhh what about THIS video?

So here goes . . .Go to YouTube and try not to watch Robert Palmer sing Bad Case Of Loving find YOUR favorite 80s videos! Come back and let me know what awesomely bad videos you used to like.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Indeed. What were we all thinking in the 80's!?!? yes I remember the video. I also remember putting my hair in a bun and trying to do the makeup to match. Think I musta been around ten, a little older maybe. Some music from then I am not embarrassed to admit loving. Talking Heads, Cyndi Lauper, that 99 red balloons song, and red red wine....whoever did those. Oh yeah and what about Paul Simon "you can call me Betty" Also "heres a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note."
    Thanks for the flashback!

    ohhhhhh yeah and the Police, Duran Duran!! LOL

  • VICTORIA said...

    Great one! I had to do this one! Take a peek if you get a chance!

  • Amy Bennett said...

    Hi...just found you through BlogRush and was so surprised to see another Carolina girl...I'm right below you in Fort Mill. Small world it is. I'm adding you to my list now :)

    And yes, I WAS singing along to that song...


  • Jessie said...

    Here are a few of my favorites...
    who can't love
    or what would the 80's be without...

    Have a great day mama!