I feel it coming!

You know when you FEEL the cold creeping up on you? The DRY SCRATCHY throat? The constant thirst for water. THE HEADACHE that won't give.....

Well welcome to my day. Oh can I add that I drove around from 9am till 4 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our day goes as follows....
9:00-leave the house. (the groomers is 20minutes away) *I had a half off coupon!!!*
10:00-Pick up Katherine from her house. (so she isn't stuck alone all day)
11:00-go by a couple yard sales. *(NOTE: I saw kitchen chairs that I LOVED!!)*
1:00-CHICK-FIL-A/furniture store/
2:00-another furniture store/Hancock fabric for some fleece *(1/2 off)*
3:00-pick up Louie
4:00-go BACK to my inlaws to pick up Terri *(Katherine and Mason cleaned out my ENVOY WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!)*::happy dance::

5:00 came home ::BIG SIGH:: Let the kids run that a word? well you know what I mean!
I think Terri Jade got waaaaayyy to much sleep and was tooooooo cranky!

I could NOT GET HER SLING OFF OF HER!!! She was persistent on wearing it to bed!!

I put Katherines chihuahua Cali in the sling for a while. Terri thought this was the greatest. When I took Cali out Terri started in with a fit and I mean a FIT!!!

Basically this video is The kids running in and out of the house and Terri Jade throwing FITS!! She was mad that the puppy was out of the sling. Then she was mad at something else and then something else... lol

The music was called Cali (like the chihuahua) I thought it was cute...

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