Terris Customized Flower Headband by Matica Designs

Baby "Tatianna"(lol) Wearing Terris flowered hairband
How cute is he? SHE? lol
No I'm kidding this Andreas son baby Taite
(we used him!!)


So I know what your thinking...ohh my gosh it's HUGE!

No honestly I was a little intimidated by the flowers power it at first! {Just a little!} But you know what? Between my personality and Terris we can definitely pull it off. The creator of MaticaDesigns, Mindy really knew what she was doing when she made this! The band is so stretchy that Terri could probaly wear this for the next couple of years, that is if she doesn't wear it out first! There are also so many different color options. I had a really hard time picking. Actually Heather {The Domestic Diva!!} picked for me! THANKS BTW!! (Mad Props!!)

My advice, you must get one of these headbands by Matica Designs especially if you have a special occasion coming up. They also carry toddler and thinner head bands. This fall we'll be calling on some of those customized hats. I'm loving the cheetah print! Talk about a attention getter. I had a friend say, "at least she won't get lost in the crowd!" Well duhhh isn't that the point? I mean I don't want my baby to take the spot light away from anyone but "HELLO" attention to my little princess is always welcomed!!!

Since I got this last week (the day before Terri messed up her face!!) I had no time to get pictures of Terri in the hairband. Thank goodness Janae (my beautiful head butting, pimp slapping, wanna scratch you face off, give me no kisses niece) came into town!!! The day they left I thought it was perfect that they put a baby blue, brown, and pink outfit on her!!!

Here she is modeling it.

It's funny that I ended up using the pictures of Janae b/c she is a "hey what are you putting on me" kind of child and Terri is a "look I can put this on myself" child. I swear I took it off her the other day and she picked it up off the changing table and but it on herself. She loves necklaces and hair accessories. So the bigger and brighter the better!

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