Mamma Milk SolarVeil

This post is long overdue~! I just haven't got a chance to snap any pictures yet b/c I've enjoyed wearing my new Mammas Milk Solarveil so much!!

The day after I got it n the mail I wore it to the Doctors office ...the Library...on a walk!!!! (around the house) I actually got one three weeks ago but I received a small and on my frame I would literately be choking on Terri if I had kept it. Now the Solarveils do tend to "give" a little...but I needed something longer. I like to carry both high and low but not sitting on my breast. They suggest ordering a size smaller b/c they tend to run a size larger.

Here is a picture of my 11YO neighbor wearing Terri in the SolarVeil and it fit her nicely. Keziah comes up to help me with Terri sometimes...which is her excuse to wear my slings, wrap and my mei tai. But her favorite thus far...(Out of the Mouth's of Babes ...come the truth!?! ) is the SolarVeil. It might be that it is my only pink one (kidding), but it is the one that she can wear the longest without pulling or cutting into her shoulder. I have to admit that wearing slings is the quickest most convenient way to babywear but after a while they pull harder on your shoulders worse than MT's or Wraps.

But for some reason I love slings the most...given that I haven't tried many wraps except for at the Babywearing group. But I love the convenience of slings....I love the fact that when I have a really fussy little girl it take 15 seconds to put her in one. Terri and myself went out shopping last Friday and there is nothing easier in 92 degree weather than to pick up a baby and "toss" her into a sling. The SolarVeil is so light that I (the walking furnace) don't even feel like I have something helping me support my baby.

This is a must have if you are a HOT natured person like myself. Also if you have a little sweaty baby...ohh and the benefits for baby are...besides the comfort of being in mommys arms...the comfort of the actual sling its self. Mammas milk slings provide a foam padding in the legs. No more legs that have been cut into by a sling.

(@ the library) of the sling spread out over my shoulder.
Here is Terri facing out.
Terri chest to chest about to pass out!
Terri reaching for Mason.
Terri just laying there tired of pictures!

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  • Drea said...

    Love it. Keziahs going to be a serious babywearer once she grows up , gets married and has kiddos LOL. your getting her addicted young. Imagine what they will have when shes our age!!!