I am sitting here"blogging" while my lil one eat plain cheerios, dance and sing, & watching Sesame street. I'm "killing time" while the vapors air out in Terri Jades room! I mean VAPORS! A gas mask wouldn't help you out in there!! EW!!!! I think Louie's eyes were watering up too! ::GAG::

I did get hit again with this!!:-D She wrote...
Elizabeth from Pointless babbling by Mason and Terri’s Mom because she is freaking hilarious, a spaz, hyper, honest, sweet, a good Mommy and just really cool:) You can tell that she writes how she talks:) FAST!! Her little Terri Jade is also only a few days younger than Lani and we love bouncing ideas and advice off each other. You can tell that Mason is just like his Mama!! Watch her latest video of him flashing us and you will see what I mean:)

I was looking on Stephs blog yesterday that I saw a post that mentioned she would be doing a review for
Kangaroodle!So I hopped (:-D get it? "hopped") on over there and loved it! I have to admit I'm all about bright and bold colors on websites! {....} (Sorry hours have passed since I started to write..I'm back's nap time) But I have also went back today to Kangaroodle and I love their is my wish list!! ;-D

!. Nobody puts Baby in a corner onesie! (with name on toosh)
2. If I don't win the G.C. can someone please make me one of these? :-D
I can do the flower part I just need the knitted boggin'!!! (any color!)
3. A PINK Dwink Box for Momma T!
Erika in Ebony Blooms Wristlet (great idea!!)
5. Wrist and Ankle bells! (So I can hear Terri going into Masons room to climb his ladder!)
6. Riley High Chair cushion...b/c its on sale and duh! Those cushions always wear out!
7. Babylegs babylegs babylegs!!!! I want....these(my absolute favorites!!!!!)...these...these...these...these... {or do I want skidpants that I hear are better b/c they are longer...hmm?}
8. Lil Topper Sipper Cap
The Thirsty Tote For water bottles in the car? (loop it too your e brake? :-D)
10. SPF Protective Face Stick (on sale!!!) Go buy it!!! Worth it!!!!

They also have a BLUE
Razberry Teether!! (if your interested!)

Baby Dagny is still having there Wubbanub Pacifiers on sale!! I tried to get Terri to take one but it was too late...she kept throwing it! She loves her MAM!

MAMASPEAKS giving away a Nest Baby Sling and tote in Twinkle. Just send an email and let them know why Nest was hatched at {....} reviews@mamaspeaks[dot]com. Giveaway ends July 16 at midnight.

Don't forget to go sign up for Pinks and Blues Summer giveaway!!!! Even if you don't have a blog (Chrissie!) you can go sign up for a chance to win! Don't you want THIS to show up at your front door?

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  • pinks & blues girls said...

    Oh my gosh, she is so right - you ARE a spaz!! Haha! You know I love you or else I couldn't say that to your face (er... type it to your screen). :)

    Great list! And thanks for the contest mention!!! :)

    Jane, P&B Girls

  • Kell Rees said...

    Thanks for keeping me up to date on the contests, I've kinda been slacking lately in the blogging department!!!
    I finally did that meme tag that you tagged me with last week (sorry it took so long)