Blog Under Construction and a Family Picture Fight~

Template STILL under construction...

Yes it is still a work in progress!! I got into it today while the babies were napping and manges to COMPLETELY screw up my page! I had to get help from the


Tonight I did manage to load up the kiddos and head over to Clints grandmothers house. I haven't got to see her or his Aunt Chrissie in a while. BUT I know they DO read my blog and they EXPECT daily reports and plenty of pictures. Chrissie actually asked me WHY I hadn't wrote today. Like it was a bad thing. MY BRAIN NEEDS A REST WOMAN!! You got to see two of the many reasons I stay so busy tonight. (they were on a LOW by the way ;-D)

We kind of got into a camera war! She kept trying to get my picture and I kept trying to get hers. Not like we don't know what each other looks like. But she hates to be photographed about HALF as much as I do! I told her I wouldn't put her out there....BUT I LIED!!!!! MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAA!! No I'm kidding. I won't publish ALL the pictures I got of her hand infront of the camera or her face. but I will add this one of her and Terri.

See Crissie I didn't add it so that everyone could enlarge it either! Tell you what, IF you send me that ridiculous picture by 2pm tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) I will post it! PROMISE!

Oh and Mason was too busy playing with the cat in the sac and switching the dogs heads to get caught in the middle of the picture "fight". ;-)


Well folks she DIDN'T get the picture to me by 2 today..but I AM a good sport. So here goes nothing!

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