Our secret hide out!

what happens to your family if you babysit OTHER peoples children everyday? (from 7-6?) It gives you no time! It IS a full time job to raise children. (throw a couple extra in there and I consider it TIME AND A HALF! I know what my pay SHOULD be.) I do really love my job, it permits me to stay at home with my kids; to be the guiding force in their wild and wacky lives. BUT with kids in and out of my house all day long it does put a strain on the time that I typically would be committing to my babes.

...you have the cooking, cleaning, nose/butt wiping, refereeing job to not only your own two kids but now two more [two year olds to boot].

SO If I can't sneak to our hiding place at least an evening or two each week than I'm a pretty crappy mom. By my standard of course.

So we go play...

Then we go home to get money and change a pee-pee girl...

Oh those darn ice cream trucks, Mason lays the guilt on THICK when he starts to hear the music...
"MOMMY REMEMBER I HAD TO SHARE MY LAST SNACK PACK WITH KRISTOPHER??" ::shouting at me from a limb on a dangerously high tree:: "I NEED Ice Cream!!"

So we (typically) enjoy some ice cream....REALLY messy ice cream. That they share ;-)

Yeah I know alot of videos, but it makes up for lost time. I love sneaking away (across the street) to our neighbors hide out. The neighbors grandchildren are blessed to have a grandfather with such talent. I swear it feels like Swiss Family Robinson. I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but that is the club house that everyone wanted as a child.

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  • hazel said...

    They are adorable! I live near the entrance to a neighborhood park, ICECREAM truck comes thru here EVERY DAY!

  • Memarie Lane said...

    I have a very strict rule, I don't ever watch other people's children. In order to do so I have to know them really well, they have to know my rules and I have to know theirs. I never realized what a big responsibility it was to watch others' kids until I had my own. I shudder now to think of all the times I was left in charge of others' babies when I was only 12!