New Gown and a broken plant.

I guess I explained all in the title of the post, huh?

My mother in law bought Terri a gown this weekend. TOO CUTE!

She'll tell you allllllll about the frog on it. she rambles like her mamma!


Today while Mason was helping me plant around the mailbox Lydia came over. [I had just set all my inside plants out on the porch so that they could get some sun.] WELL LYDIA let Louie out, in doing so she triped over him and fell on my plants. The plant that got the worst end of it was my favorite. She thought it was a GREAT idea just to stick the broken pieces back in the dirt. :-(

BEFORE................................................... AFTER!

We did get alot accomplished while Terri napped.
Flowers in my two planters.

Flowers around the mailbox
Flowers in pots. :-D

I think I'm going to paint either our house number on the pot around the mailbox post or our last name.

Which would you do?

Now I just have to sweep off the porch and around the mailbox, and try to get all the pink chaulk from everywhere too.

I like to take SOME of my inside plants and put them on the green stand in the spring. But not too early b/c they might die! ;-)

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  • Drea said...

    lovely flowers. im so not gifted for outdoor yard stuff. and that car pic i thought it was a scratch!! until i read it was frosty.
    :-) i bet clint was ticked.

    although its your car that he doesnt like any way so whys he care :-)

    terri looks younger than taite in that gown.

  • Stacey said...

    Awe, I want spring so bad! I get more and more anxious all the time. I think it's time to move somewhere warmer.

  • Chas said...

    At first glance, I thought your car had been a little frostie on the door is better than that.

    I would paint the house number...just for privacy reasons. I heard somewhere once that it's not safe to put your name on your mailbox.