Park with the moms....and pastor

A couple of the moms got together at the local park. This was a wonderful opportunity for Christian fellowship among the women of the congregation. BUT I'm pretty sure the meteorologist was a bit off!! I don't think the forecast called for rain. BUT we made the most of it.

Let me count . . .there were about 9 moms (one dad) and....27 kids! (MOST OF WHICH are little girls!!!!) We basically staked our claim to the park. As the rain came the kids weren't at all effected. The moms (and dad) all headed for the shelter. Most of the kids came too. FOR A MINUTE, but once one or two went out in the drizzling rain they all began too. It wasn't that bad. Kristopher hung out with me (I HAD THE FOOD) and then he took over Michealas (the pastors youngest daughter) stroller and blankie. He got quite a nice nap, meanwhile Ms. Terri was strapped onto Keziahs back in the mei tai (napping).

I got only a few shots of Mason with his friends before my camera died. Mason is of course the ONLY child that brings toys from home to the park. He is sooooo thoughtful to make sure he had one for each friend . . .even little Cooper(3). Cooper is the the lit'l guy in the red jacket. He is the associate pastors son. His mom SUNI is Masons Sunday school teacher and she likes to DIP MY SON IN RED PAINT IN HIS NEW WHITE OLD NAVY COLLARED SHIRT! ;-) HA you've been waiting on that haven't you??? ::snickering:: *(that was just for Suni...I'm only kidding with her, HE got some red paint on his shirt...NOT HER)*

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