We love our Kat

I know I said this before, but she is just the cutest thing!

Katherine is quick witted and quirky and I love it! I don't mind driving the 40 miles each day to pick her up and bring her back here. I know she HAS to enjoy OUR COMPANY!

Mason gets so upset if daddy comes home and he cannot ride with me and the babies to pick her up. {I like the one less kid for the hour trip} BUT without Kat Mason wouldn't know about Millsberry! :-)

. . . .Can I just add that I am so glad to have one more mouth to feed in my house! No really!! Katherine maybe weighs 110lbs and eats more
than I do!
IF that is possible.

Not only do I supervise homework but I provide nourishing meals and snacks *(doritos and pizza bites her favorites...eww)* LOL!!!!

My newest accomplishment is the fact that I now have this 14YO addicted to General Hospital! Did I just admit to that? YEP! Okay that is my vice!! I don't watch hours of tv or engorge myself on junk food, I watch DVR'd general hospital episodes!

Now when the kids get to bed or at least settled after dinner Katherine plops down in my spot on the couch and asks if its "TIME". As the days go on I am noticing her NOT asking as much and more like RUSHING ME to get in there b/c "IT OOOOON"!

I found the shirt I'm gonna get her for her birthday next month! ~~~~~~>>>>

te hee!

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  • thekirnancrib said...

    ohh i love the shirt! hehe!!!!!

  • Wendy said...

    I love GH, but I rarely get to watch it now. We don't have DVR:( Such losers!!

  • Gina said...

    Yeah, GH is my favourite show as well... I tape it everyday and watch after work most of the time... My blog has gone private if you still check send me a note to and I will give you access...