Snack time???

mmmmm????? What to blog about?? Hmmm....after THIS post...ya have to know I'm pretty nutty!

So Can I just throw up a bunch of cute pictures? . . . GREAT!

So Friday night I asked Mason if he would give Terri a snack while I fixed supper. (I wanted to just say while I was fixin supper...but ya'll already think I'm country enough) YES my four yearold gives his sister snacks...typically some cheerios or gold fish. (I've got the cute little holders for both and I keep them full at all times.) So he said "Mommy I'm gonna give her some cereal!!" I FIGURED he meant cheerios. Boy was I wrong. He gave her some Mickey Mouse clubhouse fruity cereal...and this is what I walked in and saw....

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  • Wendy said...

    HA HA!! I guess you better be more specific next time! LOL!! Fishies are a mail staple in this house! We call them Lani's "happy pills"! Maybe I should post about that!

  • pinks & blues girls said...

    Haha! What a mess! But look at those cute little faces! What a good brother Mason is!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  • Aura said...

    Hi Elizabeth - Just writing to let you know that your lap top is at our house. Love your photobucket slide, picture creation. Is it hard to do?

  • Kell Rees said...

    Cute pictures!
    It looks like terri loved Mason's idea of a good snack!