teee the ROOM SWAP!

Once you see the rooms your gonna be like "OH MY GOSH!!!"

The hardest thing is what I'm about to do....move the clothes. Terris clothes to Masons room and then take the pjs and undies and put them in (fabric)baskets and put them on the shelves in the kids bed room. Terri has a HUGE shoe rack (hanging and Mason has a tiny one) so I'm going to put Masons in the kids playroom and use it for craft supplies (explain in a second) and put Terris in the kids bedroom.

In the meantime I'm going to put all their movies (that are taking up valuable room in the closet) in the bottom two drawers of the dresser. Then I need to head to IKEA and find some sort of BIG hanging net or hanging basket (preferably) to put all the stuffed animals in.

so the small shoe rack..probably wondering what I meant by craft supplies right? I'm going to use Terris old closet (now the playroom closet) as a CRAFT closet....better known as a scrapbooking/ MOMMY closet. Where I can keep all my supplies to make my bows/bow holders. blah blah blah. :-) teee heee...

Where were the kids while all this went on? WITH their DADDY! Thank heavens for THAT!

woke up this morning achin' in every possible way....but still motivated to get it done... and a play date at the park at 2. whew hew!

pictures anyone? posting them SOON come BACK!!!

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