Ramblin Saturday

Ya'll know I tend to babble so consider yourself WARNED!! I am sitting here at the desk and Mason is behind me watching Elmo goes to Grouchland and I am in need of some blogging relief!

Here is a picture that was taken two days ago at my friend Mandies house. Why is it that we as women always manage to get ourselves into tight spots? Terri would accept NO help to get out either....stubborn!

Her "boyfriend" (while BABY TAITE is away) Tristan is 1YO and HE can walk...better yet run, and he is half the work of the DIVA! hmmmm?? {Isn't he gorgeous?? I know I know!}


Next subject.....::HUGE sigh::... husbands.

The majority of women don't want alot. But for some reason (I BLAME GENETICS) women and men constantly agree to disagree. MOST women want the simply little things and then when we get those simple little things we aren't happy or they aren't done right. You know what I mean? Don't go reading too much into this post, I haven't got to my problem yet so ju7st keep reading.

Here are some things that MOST women want....

Don't get me wrong a nice big helping hand around the house is always great and Clint will on occasion come home and run the vacuum or wash the dishes. But you know what I want more than anything?? I want him to be happy. I know that the stress of solely supporting a family must be horrible to bear alone. He does suck a good job of providing for us. I know that if our house were bigger, if the bills weren't so much, or if I could make money by staying at home it would make it easier on him. But I know the only way he will ever be happy is to be saved.

I went to lunch today with a friend of mine from church. Tina and I had a great conversation on ...well what women talk about. Kids, Work, Weight, know all the good stuff. It was so nice to get out. That time of fellowship out of the house meant alot to me. But afterwards she came back to my house and got a chance to meet Clint. I was honestly scared surprised that after coming in there to meet her, he sat down and engaged in a conversation. Clint is not the type of person that wants to be stuck in a one on one conversation with a Christian. Tina didn't even attempt to HASSLE him about coming to church. They talked about...well... life. Eventually his mothers suicide came up and then his beliefs followed. Clint just do I explain him???? He says that all Christians revert back the Bible instead of having their own answers. I know that the Bible is a guide for how we are to live our lives and I know taht we SHOULD revert back, when ever asked questions about life. I shouldn't babble on about this topic, I don't want my husband to be upset that I am writing about him and basically I can't explain HIM like he can, his beliefs or lack there of.

But back to my topic, I know that Clint will never be satisfied with life if he doesn't forgive his mother and come to know and love the Lord.

I would like to add on the topic of the Lord. . . that I pray constantly for many things. I would like to pray in the up and coming week that as I begin to watch a friend of mines little boy that I can manage my time wisely. I need my daily devotional, weather it is 10 minutes or 30 read the Bible and meditate for a few minutes and have a time of prayer. I need this time of fellowship with Jesus so that I can manage my thoughts and my daily living. I also need to get into some sort of a schedule EVERYday with these three (or more) kids in order to keep my house clean, the kids fed, cleaned, and changed.

Okay let me not paint this euphoric picture of myself!!!! I am NOT the perfect wife that cooks cleans, has time for hours of prayer and devotional with the Lord and has a small case of OCD.
Nope not me at all. I try to be the most excellent wife and mother that I can be, but there is never enough time in the day or energy in the body for all I need to accomplish, Why is that? I wish I had a perfectly clean house, well behaved kids, a from scratch meal, time for my husband a TWO hours a night to study my Bible. I really really do. I want it to look like a senior exit essay that has been revised 50 times. Meaning I want to study the same passage over and over again, dig into it and everytime I come back there is still more and more to find. I want to SOAK in the knowledge...but here is where the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or wait the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that I have recently diagnosed myself with come into play. I can't sit still longer than 30 minutes. I go made.

Okay pray for me please...for my husband and his faith and salvation, for my time may it be spread so thin that I get everything accomplished on my unachievable daily list of chores and for me to have a solid two hours to do some much needed studying. Don't forget to add the new baby in your prayers . . .that he may learn to be DOUBLE carried for that MAD "daddy will be home in 30 minutes" cleaning spree!!!!!! LOL!!!

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  • Drea said...

    Burgers her real love...

  • Stam House said...

    Prayers away for your family! God as a plan for everyone of us.

    As I was looking at your picture of the "husband" it made me laugh, beacuse thing like shoes shopping that I just hate, my husband loves. (my shoes should have been replace like 2 years ago but I don't boder, old shoes is better rthen shopping for new one!!!) LOL

    Thanks for this post and you openess!

  • FlipFlop Mom said...

    I just wanted to tell you today.. YOU ROCK!! I love reading your blog.. I really do.. it makes me giggle!!