Is it Tuesday?

::SIGH:: I had an asthma attack yesterday....AND TODAY. I haven't had one in 5 or 6 years!!!!! Talk about scary. Oh and I DO NOT have an inhaler...

My chest feels like there is a small elephant sitting on it. Not to mention the rattle I must have swallowed, and my throat is on fire...

OH and I signed up a month or two ago to go to the womens dinner that was tonight. I hovered in a corner with Julie another fellow black plaguer. Ahhh the joys of being sick and not wanting to contaminate anyone. :-( I DID walk into the mens restroom. te hee! Sorry guys!

I left the kids at the house with Clint and Katherine....wonder if they were wild?

When I got home I felt bad that I took so long. I helped Katherine with some homework and then we made Mason a blanket. One of the projects we were going to learn how todo next womens meeting was how to make a NO SEW blanket. I couldn't wait. OR well MASON was too excited about his new fleece so I went ahead. The directions are HERE.

It turned out so gooooood!

Mason is gonna LOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEEE his new neon green/army print blanket!
Time to make Terri one too!

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